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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 993 “His Worry 1 ”

Chapter 993 “His Worry (1)”

“He was clearly the one who needed protection back then, but each and every time it was he who shielded me! And then I didn’t even say goodbye that year when I fled…. I caused him so much pain, yet he never blamed me for any of it….”

“Di Cang, I can clearly give him the protection that we lacked back then with my current influence and power, but you know…. He would rather gain his own so that he can make a peaceful place for me. That’s what he said….” Pausing with choking grief, “Bai Xiao is my brother, my one and only brother! He’s injured while away from home, how can my heart not ache and worry for him?”

Aching at his wife’s distress, Di Cang hurries to give that trembling body a hug. “Yan Yan, believe in me, I will see to it he returns to us safely!”

After a long while of this sobbing picture, Bai Yan finally regains her composure with eyes of steel plastered across that face. “Di Cang, I’m going to the Celestial Realm.”

Making a frown: “Now?”

“Yes, I’m going now. My mother and brother might be there right this instant. They are both my family so I’m going to bring them back home.”

Looking at the woman’s resolute face, Di Cang didn’t object to the idea. Just that…. “Can you give me a bit of time first?”

“Di Cang?” Bai Yan makes a surprised look at her own husband.

“Give me a little more time. Although I can’t conquer the entire Celestial Realm for you, but the time will give me room to create a safe haven over on that side for you.”

With deep feelings and tenderness in those eyes, he kissed her on the forehead: “Promise me this. Give me a little more time and I will accompany you to find my mother-in-law and brother-in-law.”

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“Okay.” Bai Yan knew her insistence on the matter would only worry this man, therefore she didn’t resist. “I’ll wait for a while longer and use this period to improve my strength.”

When I break into the Celestial Rank, he won’t need to worry so much anymore…. Atleast enough to protect those close to me, that should be enough, right?

Despite the reassuring smile coming off of Di Cang face, underneath it all were not the thoughts and feelings of someone with confidence. It looks like the plan must be advanced ahead of time. If Xiao’er is being attacked then they might be doing it because of me and Yan Yan.

Watching all of this from the sideline, Di Xiao Wan was extremely envious of the teen mentioned in their conversation. So this is the bond of having a sister, it’s so good… Why can’t I have an older sister like Bai Yan and not this mean old grumpy brother of mine?

“Yan Yan, are you tired? Your complexion isn’t looking so great.” asked the man who’s oblivious to his own sister’s bemoaning.

Nodding: “I’m not sure either, but my body’s been feeling sleepy and tired all the time recently. Bring me inside Di Cang, I want to rest….”

This explanation relieved the demon king who’s already got a lot on his plate. “It’s good that its nothing. Although the bed here can’t be compared to the palace’s, you should still rest on it a little.”

After saying that, Di Cang carefully supported the woman out of the hall like she’s some sort of frail item that would shatter at the slightest bump.


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