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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 991 “City Subjugation 5 ”

Chapter 991 “City Subjugation (5)”

Wu Xiong looked extremely miserable with his distraught face. If one didn’t know better, they would assume his wife and daughter’s keep snatched away by a thief.

“Lady, I am very useful, really useful compared to that Hu Bud Wei. Don’t you want to attack the Celestial Realm? I can help guide you there. In order to get there in one piece, you must pass through the Sky Forest. I know how to pass through it with ease, it’s very familiar to me. I can help reduce the amount of detour you must take.”

It’s then Di Cang whispers something into his wife’s ear: “First Elder and State Teacher both went to the Celestial Realm before.”

In other words, they are already familiar with the mentioned Sky Forest so there’s no need for a guide.

Wu Xiong didn’t miss that and grew paler than a ghost. He started to tremble without intent due to the immense fear he felt at having his offer shot down.

“I-I have other uses. I…. I know a lot of people in the Celestial Realm. Information are always useful during times of war so you can use a spy, right? Yes, I can be your spy and work from within!”

Now that was hilarious in Bai Yan’s eye: “If that’s the case, why did you get thrown out to this border city then?”

As unwilling as the big guy was in telling his own story, he nevertheless relented after getting to grip with the situation. It’s better than being called a liar and to protect his own chastity from those sick dragons. “I hooked up with a young miss of a large family clan back then, that’s why I got sent here to this outskirt of a city. But I have a cousin, he works at that big household. He promised to get me back once he finds a way….”

Rolling her eyes: “And what does that do to help us? That background of yours doesn’t seem very useful at all.”

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“No, no, no, that household my cousin is in is a big one so I will be able to gather any information you would like, and that miss is also deeply in love with me. She must still be waiting for me to go back….”

Though skeptical, Bai Yan eventually decides to take a chance given the opportunity: “I’ll give you a chance. If you can complete the mission I have then you can be a slave.”

“What mission?” said Wu Xiong, his eyes bright.

“Help me look for information on a person.”


“Bai Ning!” She needs to know whether or not this Bai Ning was her mother or not, and where she was in the Celestial Realm.

Relieved by the path laid before him, Wu Xiong inhales deeply. It’s just asking about a person, how hard can this mission be?

“Don’t worry lady, I will definitely get news on this Bai Ning that you’ve requested. Just wait for my good news.” Revealing a charming smile, Wu Xiong never felt so happy about protecting his own ass from others.

Sweeping her sight on the rest after that, Bai Yan gives her next order: “You can all return to your homes in a bit. In addition, the fact about your submissions to demons must be kept a secret from those familiar to you in the Celestial Realm, especially the close acquaintances in your life.”

“Be warned…. If I find out whoever leaks this news, it won’t just be the destruction of your soul.” Bai Yan’s words sounded bullying now after emphasizing her ability to crush them so many times.

“Another thing…” making a thoughtful look, “if there’s any demonic beasts still locked up in your homes, release them immediately. I won’t interfere if they’re willing to follow you of their own accord. However, I will not permit this custom to continue!”

If a demonic beast voluntarily takes a human as their master then she has nothing to say or to do, but if forced, then as their queen Bai Yan has a duty to intervene.

“Do you all understand?” Bai Yan asks the silent group, hammering her point through by forcing a response.


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