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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 986 “Di Cang’s Arrival 4 ”

Chapter 986 “Di Cang’s Arrival (4)”

“Sister-in-law,” the princess hurries to interject herself between the two bodies, “you must be tired so let me handle these people. There’s no need for you to shoulder all this burden.”

While Bai Yan herself found this rather amusing and arched an eyebrow over the suggestion, the girl has already turned to those kneeling humans with a narrowed glare. “So its you despicable bunch here who joined forces with Hu Bud Wei in order to harm my sister-in-law?”

Wu Xiong could do nothing but shiver intensely. He didn’t know what else to say in his own defense. Like seriously, who would’ve imagined some random lady on the middle street to be the queen of the Demon Realm? Talk about poking the hornet’s nest.

“I… I didn’t know who she was…”

“Shut up! ” Di Xiao Wan stabs her arms against the waist, “I don’t care whether or not you did it intentionally or unintentionally, you are dead regardless! Besides, how can my sister-in-law be wrong? It’s you despicable bunch who tried to harm her!”

The more she spoke, the angrier she became and eventually stomped down at Wu Xiong’s back like she’s trampling a cockroach.

“If you dare to resist then I’ll have someone drag you away for disposal this instant.”

This sentence was frightening for the once arrogant big guy. Despite his squirming unwillingness, he kept his body still like a turtle and allowed that dainty leg to keep coming down. If only this guy was into certain fetishes, then he would be relishing in the pain alone. But he’s not…. This was a humiliation, a blunt and direct humiliation.

“I’m going to beat you to death you bastard!” Stomping and kicking, Di Xiao Wan kept going off like a seductress despite not knowing it herself. She’s just too beautiful, even in her rage, and it didn’t help either when her efforts were no different from tiny pinches to these humans. In the end, it was the demon princess who’s sweating and panting and giving off a sweet aroma by her bodily scent.

The other humans here all feared for their own fate at this moment. They knew Wu Xiong wasn’t suffering much, but they dreaded what would become of them if this was the sort of treatment awaiting them in the future.

“Di Cang, did Xiao Wan suffer some kind of shock lately, why is she acting like that?” Bai Yan asks with a lazy voice.

“I don’t know,” Di Cang shakes his head, “presumably because of State Teacher’s disappearance.”

“What? State Teacher and First Elder still hasn’t come back yet?” There’s astonishment in her voice, “If she is this shook from his disappearance, why don’t we pair them together once he’s back? It be a shame if they never got together.”

Smiling at the suggestion, Di Cang agrees with that opinion: “That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

Still oblivious to how she’s already wed away, Di Xiao Wan who’s been overly excited from the clobbering suddenly felt a chill run down her spine. Making an odd squeal, she looks left and right for the strange sensation.

If only this sweet dumbaclutz didn’t try to suck up to Bai Yan on this occasion, but because of her own judgement, she’s been mistaken for having love sickness. Now it’s pretty much a given she’s going to be State Teacher’s wife, just that no one could’ve guessed the sort of BDSM fetish running through this princess’s blood. When the rest of the world discovered the truth, it would be years later and her husband has already submitted in heart and soul to this seductress.

A while later, Di Xiao Wan finally found her endurance at the limit. Dragging Wu Xiong like a dead dog and not knowing he’s acting, she grins with a broad smile at her own failed achievement: “Sister-in-law, look! I’ve taught this asshole a lesson, now it’s Brother’s turn to work.”

“Here, take this first.” Taking out a handkerchief, Bai Yan readily hands the item over: “Don’t let his filth dirty your hands, he’s not worth it.”


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