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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 967 “Bai Yan’s Return 3 ”

Chapter 967 “Bai Yan’s Return (3)”

“It’s you?!” Wu Xiong points his finger in utter disbelief and shrieks out this sentence. Pounding inside, “How can you be alive? Those damn monsters in the mountain didn’t tear you apart?”

Bai Yan didn’t get angry at that outburst, instead she only makes a derisive smile: “How can I die when you are not dead yet? Wu Xiong, have you ever thought that this day would come after you chased me into the mountains?”

The man’s complexion had turned a shade whiter. Clenching his trembling fist: “Bluffing me is useless. If I can force you into the mountain range that day then I can do it again.”

Even if this girl is abnormally talented, what can she achieve in a measly short month? At most one tier higher, the middle level? Not like our side doesn’t have high level Saint Ranks so she’s still a dead woman!

“Wu Xiong, is this the lassie whom you chased away that day?” A middle-aged man with a perverted grin cuts in, his laugh annoying and irritating to the ear. “You really don’t know how to treat a lady properly you know. Such a dainty and pretty thing, how can you bear to force this beautiful flower into danger?” All flirting in his demeanor now, “Lady, if you are willing to be my woman from now then I can promise you your life today. Afterwards, endless riches will be in your reach.”

This was equivalent to courting death to say something so disgusting before Bai Yan. However, before the woman herself could take a strike, Dragony to the side had already jumped at the opportunity due to those words.

She’s fast, so fast that everyone couldn’t even react…

Opening her mouth just like she did during that fight a while back, she directly gobbles up the pervert without a second thought before turning back to face the one whom she call’s mother.

“Mother, this guy has too many filths inside his body, I…. my tummy feels very bad.”

Bai Yan’s face went black at the sight.

“Sweetie, how many times have I taught you not to eat random things? You don’t know what they ate growing up. Take this man for example, he’s so dirty inside that your tummy is hurting again.”

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The little missy hangs her head: “I know I’m wrong now. From now on I will only kill people and not eat them.”

The strength of these people is too low anyways. I won’t eat random people again!

Watching this from the rear, the dolly baby Moli didn’t think so. His big black eyes are shining with light over the girl’s behavior: “Master, I think Sister Dragony’s eating image is very beautiful….”

Just like her friend, the teen Mo Li Shang was also making a black face.

Are you sure it’s beautiful and not scary? But then again, it’s very like this little rascal will think anything that girl does will be beautiful….

“Yan Yan, others say that daughters are not reliable once they grow up, I say pigs are even more unreliable. Dragony is such a nice bok choy (catch), yet she’s being eyed by a pig.”

Moli protested right away after hearing his master’s word: “I am not a pig, not a pig!”

I only look like a pig, I am not a pig….


Coming back to his sense from the initial shock, Wu Xiong hurries to step back to make some distance. Shaky in his voice: “Your dragon’s strength increased? That guy is a middle level Saint Rank!”


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