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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 966 “Bai Yan’s Return 2 ”

Chapter 966 “Bai Yan’s Return (2)”

Wu Xiong grins with an air of contempt at the added attention: “That woman being kind to the demons is her betrayal to us in the Celestial Realm. Towards traitors, there’s no need to be polite. As for Hu Bud Wei that old fox, I heard that woman stole a jade pendant from his beloved daughter.”

Various looks began to exchange between the occupants. Although these people are very disgusted with those demons that’s been suppressing them all these months, this includes the fox family living here, but they would never try something like going to rob that place. The main reason was no other, it’s because there’s a high-level Saint Rank in that manor where the foxes live. Only a fool would go poking a hornet’s nest.

“Oh yes Wu Xiong, did that Hu Bud Wei attack you afterwards? He’s such a vicious fox, it’s hard to believe he would just collaborate with us and then walk away without trying anything.” Another man asks inside the tavern, his voice showing doubt about the event.

It’s not like this person was the wary type and always cast doubt upon others, but the demons and humans are in constant conflict here so it’s not uncommon to find backstabbing corroborations here and there.

Wu Xiong waves the terrible thought away because he knew how lucky he got that day. Truth be told, under a normal circumstances he would turn tail whenever he encounters that old fox on the street. Yet for some reason, he found the courage to bring up the persuasive argument that day and won the gamble! One could say its pure fluke on his end, that’s all it was.

“HAHA,” the huge man guffaws a laugh, “Do you know the reason why that Hu Bud Wei came to the border city? As it so happens, I know the specifics. He came because he wanted to conquer this city and offer it as a prize to their demon king as a sign of loyalty. But now he doesn’t need it anymore.” Sighing like he’s lamenting about something, “News came yesterday. That old fox’s daughter, Hu Mei, she’s going to be taken in as a consort of the palace harem.”

A visible uproar instantly breaks out among the tavern patron, including those who weren’t part of the conversation.

Their aversion to demons were true, but fearing the strong as a cultivator was also part of their instinct. After all, its rumored that Di Cang has already stepped into the higher level of the Celestial Rank for a long time! Who here could make a stand against someone like that?

“Is your information reliable Wu Xiong?” asked the young man who first brought the topic fray.

“When did my news ever been wrong? This matter is something I overheard on the streets when Hu Mei was chatting with that eagle chief. That old bird told her she’s the savior of their king, that’s why she will soon become a consort and be taken into the palace.” Taking a heavy swing at the bottle of spirit in hand, the big bulky guy didn’t have a care for what he’s saying: “Although I also hate the demons, but I have to admit they are a race that holds true when it comes to a debt.”

All of the patrons inside the tavern were now very quiet, mostly contemplating on their treatment of that fox family.

“If those in the Celestial Realm didn’t abandoned us, we wouldn’t even have to be so passive. It’s only a single group of demons…..” the young man sighs in frustration at their own situation.

Originally the big guy still wanted to say a few more bragging comments to bolster his story, but the sudden bang of the main door being kicked over was undeniably loud. At first they couldn’t make out who the audacious person was due to the powerful light from the outside, but that soon changed once they got a faint glimmer of the reddish figure and the tiny lass to the side.


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