Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 961 “The Suicidal Fox Family 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 961 “The Suicidal Fox Family 2 ”

Chapter 961 “The Suicidal Fox Family (2)”

“Master, next time if I find treasure again, I will leave some useless ones that Queen Mother doesn’t want for you. Don’t get angry anymore, okay?” The dolly baby tugs at the teen’s sleeve, his face looking all pitiful and cute.

If only Moli didn’t say something like that, but now that he did it only made Mo Li Shang even sadder.

I knew it, after meeting Dragony this little guy is no longer mine. Even the treasures he finds is going to Yan Yan first and the useless ones are left to me…. Why do I feel like I’ve become redundant?

Giving Moli a mournful look, the teen frowns when he responded: “Moli, I feel like you should just become Yan Yan’s pet instead.”

“Okay~!” Talking about being excited. In comparison to the sadness in the teen’s face, the dolly baby only showed happiness over that suggestion.

“Master, it’s you who loves me the most. You knew what I was thinking without me needing to tell you.”

“……” He became speechless

Oh I am so sad, what to do?

Still oblivious to the change in his master’s mood, Moli turns to Dragony and makes a huge stupid grin.

“Sister Dragony, my master doesn’t want me anymore so I’ll be yours and Queen Mother’s pet from now on.”

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Puckering her lip to one side: “I don’t want.”


“I hate pigs.”


At this moment Moli could actually feel his heart shattering into countless pieces. Turning to the teen using those puppy eyes of abandonment, the dolly boy tears up and was about to cry.

“Master, she doesn’t want me so I’m coming back to you.”

However…. Mo Li Shang’s been heartbroken by his actions already. Instead of comforting him like in the past, the teen would rather turn away and find a quiet spot nearby to train.


Time flows like the river water and another month quickly passes.

Inside the Fox Clan’s manor, Hu Mei was having a fine day by relaxing under the shade of this tree and away from the burning sun. As a bonus, she was making full use of the free time and carving a jade pendant of her own using a knife.

“Miss,” it’s unsure when the maid Hu Qi came over, but upon seeing the pattern on the item her eyes flashed with surprise. “This pattern, isn’t it the same as that woman’s?”

Hu Mei makes a shallow smile: “That’s right. I saw how pretty it was that day and wanted to carve one for myself. It’s almost finished, see?” Tying it to her waist, the fox demoness slowly got up from her spot and made a charming smile. “Hu Qi, come, we’ll go have a stroll outside.”

“Yes, milady.”

Contrary to the peaceful calm scene in the fox’s home, the other demons living around the border city were blowing up with news.

The reason was no other, it’s the letter sent by their king about Bai Yan’s about to arrive at their location. Unfortunately, none were able to claim they saw the queen, thus causing an air of unease among them all. They know full well if something happens to Bai Yan then Di Cang would never let them off.


Somewhere not far away from the border city, the Eagle Clan has taken up settlement here in this mountainous forest where not many knew how to reach due to its difficult terrain. And inside its main hall, a middle-aged man was waiting restlessly when an eagle guard came running through the door and taking to the knee.


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