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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 953 “Wing Clan’s Elder 2 ”

Chapter 953 “Wing Clan’s Elder (2)”

Wing Clan?

Bai Yan cracks a chuckle at the name: “This is the Wing Clan’s territory?”

Within the Demon Realm, the status of the Wing Clan stands on equal footing with the Dragon Clan, therefore their members are usually quite arrogant to those demons below themselves. Now imagine an unknown pig trying to barge into their homes. Its obvious what sort of reception Piggy would’ve gotten if Bai Yan didn’t show up.

“My mother told you to let go, didn’t you hear?” Struggling free from that carrying arm, Dragony runs forwards step with flashing anger in her big eyes.

In this innocent lass’s mind, Bai Yan’s words are law, she won’t take any other form as compliance.

“We are the gatekeepers of the Wing Clan and no one is allowed inside unless permitted. Violators shall be killed on sight!” One of the guards coldly states their term with no sign of backing off.

Aggravated by the disrespect, a bursting flare of anger pours out of the missy’s mouth without her deliberate attempt. It’s not a scream this time, nor an outcry, it’s her draconian roar that was searing hot heat and booming shockwave.

“You are… a dragon?” The winged guard makes an ugly face as he asks after being taken aback by that howl.

The status of the Dragons and the Wingkin is the same, if I really provoke them then the elders won’t go easy on me.


Deep inside this mountain, an elderly old man with a young face seems to have overheard the whistling howl from Dragony. Gently opening his eyes, a smile appears on that face.

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“It’s been many years since our Wingkin interacted with the other members of the Dragons, I wonder which of their descendant is visiting?” That said, he didn’t dally around and got up from where he sat. “Someone come, we’re going to meet our guest.”

“Yes, Elder!”


“I am acquainted with your clan’s elder. Could you go inform them of my arrival?” Bai Yan throws out this suggestion after getting nowhere.

That year when she was having her coronation ceremony the elders of the Wing Clan also attended the event at the palace, making them at least memorable to the level where they should recognize her.

Now that leaves the question of why Piggy would want to come here of all placed? Sure, the little guy had wings on his back, but those are merely for decorations. Does he have some sort of link to the Wing Clan?

It’s then a series of footsteps caught the attention of both sides.

Even from afar, the elder of the Wing Clan could see the two gatekeepers were arguiing with some strangers, yet it was Bai Yan’s face that made his heart skip a beat after finding it vaguely familiar. Suddenly, the image of a woman donning a tiara and a red rosy wedding dress popped into his head. In that second, the poor man nearly fell over backwards from the shock of remembering.


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