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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 945 “Mountain 2 ”

Chapter 945 “Mountain (2)”

Bai Yan’s face had wrinkled into a knot after seeing the terrible state of that belly: “You ate too many people again. Take this medicine, it will help with your indigestion.” That said, she immediately takes out a beady little pill and stuffs it into Dragony’s mouth.

The effects were immediate. Though it couldn’t completely dissolve the pain from her belly, the young lass did feel much more comfortable to the level where her complexion had stopped looking so pale.

“Hold on for now Dragony, I’ll use other ways to help you digest your food after we leave this place.” Standing up again with her goddaughter in arms, Bai Yan’s sharp gaze swept across the many foes that has come to the scene.

At this moment there are far more people than there were at the beginning of this battle, this includes several mid-level Saint Ranks as well. If it was just dealing with Wu Xiong then Bai Yan had every confidence to come out on top of this big hulky guy, however, if it’s added with so many unknown variables then not even she could be so certain anymore.

“Everyone,” Wu Xiong became elated at the vast number of helpers that came to his aid, “these two humans are colluding with the demons. For our sake, and all of humanity, I implore everyone here to help me capture these two demons and prosecute the traitors!”

The man’s words were damning because the look Bai Yan got from everyone were threateningly cold. In this border city, humanity and demonkin are like fire and water, polar opposites in their element. Once the feud becomes ignited, there’s no turning back.

“Humph, to be so self-depreciating and evil as a human being is unforgivable! Today you will hand over those two demons, otherwise the crime on you shall be the same as them!”

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“That’s right! Hand over the two demons and your life shall be spared!”

There’s a brewing anger in their eyes as if Bai Yan and her party committed some sort of heinous crime worthy of death. Talk about being conceited and self-righteous, that’s what they are.

Piggy was the most afraid among them of course. Though this pink piglet with wings knew his master Mo Li Shang wouldn’t abandon him to the wolves, the intimidating air around so many foes still brought fear into his little heart.

“What’s going on here?” Suddenly, a cold voice breaks through the air and cuts over the noise.

The crowds gathered here were able to recognize the owner of that voice with ease because their faces didn’t look good as soon as they saw who was coming. It’s a handsome middle-aged man followed closely by a foxy woman of immense charm.

Hu Mei only needed a glance to recognize who it was at the epicenter after she descended from the air. There’s surprise and shock in her eyes, but more were contempt and ridicule for Bai Yan’s supposed pompous arrogance.

This woman really doesn’t want to live. First it was pretending to be the demon queen, then now its provoking the humans living here in the border city. Even fate is frowning on her.

“Hu Bud Wei,” Wu Xiong’s face got ugly when speaking up, “are you intending to intervene in this matter?”

If there’s anyone in this border city the big bulky man fears then it would be the members of the fox clan. Unlike the other demon races, the royal family of the Demon Realm was also a fox, making Hu Bud Wei’s status special in the eyes of these humans. What’s more, this fox chief was also an elder in the palace prior to his banishment, that’s a huge boon to his reputation.


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