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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 939“Di Cang’s Letter 4 ”

Chapter 939“Di Cang’s Letter (4)”

Alone by themselves again after the fox chief had left, one of the maids carefully raised a suggestion: “Miss, the housemaster’s words aren’t unreasonable….”

Hu Mei didn’t get mad at this, in fact, she smirked instead at those words. “Father is too timid for his own good. Since I have made my decision then I’m not going to sway in my determination!” Breaking out into an abrupt laugh, her voice was truly a marvel to listen to. “What’s more, who doesn’t want to be a person of superior stature? My fate will be controlled by me, by my own hands!”

The other maids didn’t dare to object to her proclamation, only hanging their heads in silence. Only a fool would raise their voice now in these sorts of situations.

“You are all underestimating yourselves without knowing the foe first. Our lady is so excellent, I’m sure she is many times better than that whatever queen.” The maid who likes to flatter and suck up to her mistress decides to speak up in support, causing the rest of her peers to share looks of uncertainty around the group. “What’s more Miss, you only need to perform a dance before the king to win his fancy, I’m sure of it. When that happens, what else can that queen do even if she’s jealous? It’s a settled matter by then.”

Feeling better, Hu Mei’s expression eventually loosens up from her forced laugh: “I knew you are the most sensible one among my maids Hu Qi. As for you Hu Shu, you don’t have to follow me anymore. I don’t need such a timid maid to serve under me.” Brushing past the girl that’s now abandoned, the fox lady disappears from view in a flash.


Walking along the streets of this border city, Bai Yan and Dragony was currently casually strolling around the various stalls when the unhappy little lass finally spoke up.

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“Mother, are we just going to let things slide with the fox clan? His Highness said it before, we must return the favor if anyone dares to pick on us. If Mother is afraid of pain then I can do it instead.”

Chuckling at the steaming face of her adopted daughter, Bai Yan found it rather amusing how quickly she has copied the behaviors from her own boy. “Don’t worry about what happened before Dragony, it’s only a few squabbling words, no need to waste time and effort on them. What’s more, I’ve already left a little punishment on those maids who tried to hurt you, so…. the main priority is still to look for your uncle.”

As for those members of the fox clan, it’s not like they can run from me!

“Also, you should stop calling Xiachen ‘His Highness’, call him Brother. He’s always wanted a little sister so the change will be to his wish.” She then went ahead to pinch the girl’s cheek in a doting manner, which immediately causes the receiver burst out giggling with joy as well.

“As long as I can stay by Mother’s side then I will listen to anything.” Unlike the dull and clueless nature from when they first met, Dragony’s tone and wording has definitely grown by leaps and bounds. It’s befitting the image of a young lass who’s still new to the world.

This precious moment of bonding would’ve continued to nightfall if nothing happens; however, the ruckus and familiar voice up ahead soon caught the eyes and ears of the two ladies. The little dragoness was rather indifferent to this, only finding the commotion interesting for herself, but Bai Yan on the other hand could immediately recognizes the owner of that new voice.

“It’s him! What is he doing here?” Ever since they separated ways back then, Bai Yan has had no news from the person or his whereabouts.

Making a somewhat excited face now, she quickly pushes aside the gathered crowd to make it to the forefront. Sure enough, reflected into her eyes was the youngster and his pink little piggy, just like in her memories back at the Medicine Sect….


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