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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 935 “Fox Clan? 6 ”

Chapter 935 “Fox Clan? (6)”


Hu Mei’s gaze shoots out a frosty beam as she snickered with contempt: “You got some nerve. How dare you pretend to be the Demon Realm’s queen! Do you know what sort of crime it is to impersonate Her Highness?”

“My mother is the queen!”

“Ho~” the fox lady responds equally as sarcastic to that outcry. “I’ve only heard of the queen having a son, never did I hear she had a daughter. If you are going to impersonate someone then at least do your homework and get a boy instead of an unruly lass.”

Seeing how upset her daughter was becoming, Bai Yan hurries to step in before the little dragoness loses it. Pulling that small figure back to her side, she then flipped over her hand to show a jade pendant engraved with the word ‘demon’ on it. “Can this thing prove my identity then? Now go have the fox chief come see me!”

Hu Mei became startled by the rudeness and looks down, her eyes appearing suspicious and doubtful: “What is this thing? I’ve never seen it before in my life. Don’t think just because you have a weird looking jade pendant that you can go around impersonating the queen. Lady, even if you love our king, you still shouldn’t use such means.” She then goes ahead and makes an exasperated sigh like the woman across from her was another one of those wishful females whom have dreams of attaining a post far beyond their own standing.

Bai Yan’s expression right now could only be described as having black lines running through her face. Back then when Di Cang gave her this identification token, the man specifically said it could prove her identity to any demon out there. But as anyone could see, it’s obviously not working.

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Unbeknownst to this poor queen though, this ‘fox clan’ here in the border city was only a branch of the other one in the Demon Realm at this point. Since they’ve been expelled and exiled here to some far-off land, their ability to communicate with the rest of the demon world has become limited. Therefore, it’s not all that surprising they wouldn’t recognize the custom-made token she got from Di Cang. The biggest issue in the end was the lack of information in this world.

“I have never seen a shameless wench before,” a maid from one side scoffs derisively, “if you want to be the king’s consort then use your own ability to reach that goal. What good is there in impersonating the queen before us?”

Another maid joins in as well, “That’s right, our king is not a blind person without taste. A woman like you would never get in his eye so I doubt His Majesty would even give you an extra glance….”

Utterly outraged by the snarky comments coming their way, poor Dragony eyes began to glow red: “I’ll kill you all if you keep talking nonsense! My mother is the queen, it is you all who doesn’t know anything and can’t recognize the identification token!”

“You…” the maid who spoke last wanted to fire back a rebuttal again when Hu Mei steps in with a raised hand to stop the act.

“What are you arguing with a kid for?” Getting all smug herself as well, Hu Mei turns her gaze directly towards Bai Yan’s when speaking: “Our fox clan is a gracious household and we do not argue with the whimsical and hopelessly wishful types. If you two got nothing more to say then I suggest you leave, my father will not meet you lady.”

That sly comment was the last straw for the poor dragoness. Practically trembling due to the inner rage wanting to come out, the lass stares dagger at the fox lady like she’s seeing a dead person.

“You stinking girl…” As servants, there’s no way some of the maids wouldn’t notice the hostile look coming at their lady. For one of the more outspoken and clever ones, mainly the woman compliment Hu Mei of her dancing earlier, she had come forward to point her accusing finger at Dragony. Sadly, that was a huge mistake because that finger was a huge flailing target ready to be bitten.

“AHHHHH~~!!!!!!” The outspoken maid screams in terrific pain as the razer sharp teeth grinds against her finger, “Stinking girl, let go right now, let go of my finger!”

There’s no Dragony would let go though. Instead, she bit harder until blood has started to seep out of the maid’s finger. This causes the second maid to run forward in haste to stop this. However, before she could slap Dragony to get her to stop, Bai Yan had intervened. Next thing they all knew was the brittle sound of bone breaking from the wrist by the fellow maid….


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