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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 933 “Fox Clan? 4 ”

Chapter 933 “Fox Clan? (4)”

Currently inside a restaurant located at the border city between both realms, there’s a young female and her precious young daughter enjoying a fine meal together on one of the tables here. Normally their presence would surely catch the attention of the customers inside this establishment due to their looks, but the recent events around this region were too interesting for the others to care about some random stranger.

The older female was naturally gorgeous of course. Wearing a rosy red dress, she was the epitome of a thorny flower that’s beautiful yet untouchable for the mundane. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the table sat a young lass who had a contour just as fine. Though the girl lacked the allure of a full-grown adult, those eyes were deliciously appealing enough for those with a nasty taste for the young.

“Since the seal shattered around the Demon Realm, those blasted beasts have run amok around here and those from the core of the Celestial Realm won’t do a damn thing. Now this border city is close to being overrun by those demons.”

“Che~ It’s because our side is so weak that we were forced to stay in this border city. If those big wigs back in the Celestial Realm cared anything about us then they would permit our entry into the human world instead. Now not only are we forced to confront those demons here without help, we can’t even flee to the weaker realms. At this rate I wouldn’t even be surprised if the entire Celestial Realm is conquered by those demons.”

Even if the strength of these rabbles here are considered insignificant by the truly strong, but once transferred to the human world it’s still a considerable force to be reckoned with.

“Dragony, we’re leaving.” Bai Yan says this after she’s done with her eavesdropping.

Though confused in the eyes, the young dragoness nevertheless followed from behind like a clever girl that she was. Only after they’re out of sight did she bring forth her inner doubt: “But Mother, where are we going now?”

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“Just now those people mentioned the demons here have formed a recognizable force in this border city. If we go seek their help then we might just be able to find your uncle. Even if not, it will at least increase the pace of our search.”

“But is Uncle really in this place?” Biting her nail, the lass asks innocently without a care in the world.

“I don’t know, but according to the pieces of information I got from my sources, he shouldn’t be too far from this place…” Forcing an uncertain smile, Bai Yan knew she was going at this with thin ropes. “Regardless, we will still need to try our luck since we don’t know where he is. Who knows, we might just get lucky and score one from the start. Oh right Dragony, since you’re also a demon, are you able to tell which part of this city has the strongest demon scent?”

If demons gather then they are bound to produce a recognizable scent in the air. By going to the area with the strongest, she would then be able to find some help.

“I can,” complying with a heavy nod of her head, the young dragoness then began to sniff the air until her nose points to the general direction in the east. “Mother, there are a lot of demons over there, and they’re foxes….”


Bai Yan’s eye lit up: “If it’s the foxes then even better. Dragony, we’re leaving.”


To the east of the border city, there stood an old manor adorned with a gold plaque at its entrance. This read the word ‘fox’ to indicate the sort of individuals living in this estate.

At this moment, there’s a string of musical melodies coming out from within, and following this sound was the graceful dancing of a woman inside. Her movements were beautiful, matching that with the hypnotic eyes of a fox, she’s an unforgettable specimen of what a female should embody if they are out to attract the opposite sex.


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