Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 913 “Liu Qing Yu’s goal 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 913 “Liu Qing Yu’s goal 2 ”

Chapter 913 “Liu Qing Yu’s goal (2)”

Crossing her arms around the chest, Bai Yan makes an unreadable smile as she spoke: “So let me get this straight. If one gets all three keys then they would be able to ascend into the Celestial Rank and become a god, are you sure?”

“That’s right, the three keys would activate the miracle hidden underneath. Also, I heard the three powers were originally founded by a god from thousands of years ago to begin with and that the miracle was also created by that person. Bai Yan, I know your strength is very high, but one individual cannot contend with an entire realm.”

Bai Yan continues to stay quiet, only listening to what the other side had to say. She’s rather intrigued at this point and wanted more information.

“Now in order to train my brother, my father will definitely not let this opportunity go. Right now he’s still occupied with other matters due to the passage being cleared to the outside world. Once he’s done with that though, I’m certain he will come in person. Do you think the three powers here will still be able to survive in front of an unprecedented force?”

“And?” Bai Yan smirks at the persuasion.

“How about we work together? When I get my hands on the miracle, I’ll also give you some great benefit in return.”

Now this time Bai Yan could no longer hold back her amused laughter. Its genuine without a hint of fakeness. “And what makes you think I would need to work with you?” She slowly encroaches in on the other side, her face no longer smiling: “He can go ahead and come, just know that once he’s here, he won’t be leaving again.”

“You wouldn’t be thinking that the demon king is invincible, do you? He may be unbeatable here and in the Demon Realm, but compared to the Spirit Realm’s fighting force, he’s still weaker. Like I said, cooperating with me is your best choice.”

Now that was a bad mistake, this woman shouldn’t have turned to talking about Bai Yan’s husband. Without so much as a word, she throws out a torrent of wind from her sleeve and knocks the other side right out of the sky. The resulting impact was a loud bang and a heavily coughing out of Liu Qing Yu who looked outraged by the sudden attack.


“You’re really only here for the miracle?” she asks again after descending as well. However, unlike the former who came crashing down, Bai Yan’s demeanor was like that of someone walking casually down the stairs. Its difficult to imagine the level of control one must have to pull off such a feat in midair.

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“You should know that ascending into godhood and achieving the Celestial Rank is extremely difficult in our current era. The mere fact that there’s a rumor floating about capable of helping me achieve that goal is enough to push me to come in person.”

“Is it now? From what I remember, those masters part of He Chu Chu’s group were all around that level in the Celestial Rank, how do you explain that bit?”

Blinking her eyes somewhat at being called out, Liu Qing Yu hangs her head in contemplation before answering with the truth. “Those are the Spirit Realm’s elder force. They’re all created using my father’s secret ritual. Of course, the price would be… they wouldn’t be able to live past a hundred years at most…”

The life span of a practitioner was always a long one if nothing unexpected occurs. Even for someone like Bai Yan who has reached the level of the Saint Rank, they’re expected to live somewhere between six to seven hundred years. Now imagine someone who’s at the Celestial Rank, they’re easily able to live as long as a thousand years! For that length to be reduced to a sliver of a tenth, that’s a price not many would pay.

“I have said all that I can. You not cooperating with me is fine but can you let me go?” Liu Qing Yu asks this with a palm full of sweat, that’s how nervous she was at the moment.

Bai Yan immediately snickered at the bold request: “Let you go? You killed so many from the three powers here and you want me to let you go? Assuming I agree though, do you think those who sacrificed themselves would?!”

The woman in white grew increasingly more agitated in her tune: “So what do you want to do, kill me? That won’t bring you any benefit. What’s more, those people weren’t killed by me either, they’re killed by the member of the Wu family. My orders were only for them to drive the members of the three powers out and that’s it.”


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