Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 909 “Visitor From The Spirt Realm 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 909 “Visitor From The Spirt Realm 4 ”

Chapter 909 “Visitor From The Spirt Realm (4)”

A rampant discussion promptly ensues among the guests after the report became public.

“First Shifu, Second Shifu, Third Shifu,” Bai Yan’s eye showed a gleam of frost, “if a fight breaks out later, I want you to help protect the Lan House in my stead.”

“Yan’er…” Zheng Qi (first) frowns after seeing the firm face the woman was making. Sighing because he knew what she intends to do: “Alright, we will protect the members of the Lan House. Nothing will happen to them!”

Precisely then, a faint chuckling laughter breaks through the doorway like a sonic boom. Though its mild and light, it’s almost magical because it was able to penetrate through their eardrums and causing considerable discomfort.

Bai Yan did not like this one bit as soon as she saw the pale looks coming off of her adopted family members. Without delay, she rushes over to the Lan family members to give them a bottle of pills.

“Grandfather, hand these Dan pills to the rest of the family. When things get active in a bit, you and everyone else must stay in the back.”

This medicine she’s handing out was capable of allowing the user to resist the pressuring aura of others to a certain extent. If the enemy does want to fight, it would be enough to keep the Lan family from fainting or simply dying out due to their weak cultivation.

“Those enemies are that strong?” Naturally Old Lord Lan would make a frown despite unceremoniously taking the offered bottle.

“Don’t worry Grandfather, I’ll handle this.”

After giving what she needed to give, Bai Yan didn’t waste anymore time and came before the center of the hall.

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In that same instant, the place had turned quiet again because the new entry had come without invitation. Raining down with flower pedals, a woman wearing a pristinely white dress descends upon the crowd like a fairy from the legends. She was elegant, beautiful and pure, a perfect imitation of a celestial maiden in appearance. Also, there were countless maids wearing similarly white colored dresses from behind, just that they’re not as well made as the first one….

“Misty Fairy House, Holy Land, Medicine Sect, looks like the members of all three powers are gathered here already.”

“Are you with the people who came to make trouble before?” Chief Wu Wei asks with a stern voice like he demands an answer.

Chuckling in a dismissive manner, the woman in white seemed rather amused by the strong front: “Are you referring to the Wu family? They’re no more than dogs working under me. I, Liu Qing Yu, am not of the same low standard.”

“Then why are you here?”

“It’s nothing special, I came because I only want three places. The Misty Fairy House’s main estate, Holy Land’s main island, and the Medicine Sect’s medicine vault.”

Holy Island?

Bai Yan’s eye promptly narrowed into a slit upon having that island brought up. What does the Spirit Realm want to do with that little plot of land? And then there’s that topic from before regarding the three powers. What could it be about? Is it related to these three specific places?

“It doesn’t matter if you people can’t decide on it on now, I’ll give you three days’ worth of time to come to a decision and give me a proper answer. Don’t say we from the Spirit Realm aren’t considerate.” The woman in white whisks her sleeve and wanted to leave after dumping this demand on them, “We’re going.”

“Hold on!” a sudden harsh voice stops them midtrack.

Unfazed by this, Liu Qing Yu calmly turns around to meet the female responsible for that outcry: “This lady, is it because three days isn’t long enough?”

“No, I only want to inform you of one thing. This Misty Fairy House isn’t a place where you can come as you please and leave as you wish. Now that you’re here, you better leave something behind!”


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