Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 901 “You Must Get Justice For Us 1 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 901 “You Must Get Justice For Us 1 ”

Chapter 901 “You Must Get Justice For Us (1)”

The main estate of the Misty Fairy House.

Chief Wu Wei was just in the middle of giving commands to his people in cleaning up the yard when a guard rushed over to interrupt his business. “Chief, the Dou family’s housemaster Dou Tian requests an audience.”

Showing a slight frown, the chief’s voice sounded annoyed: “Did he say for what reason?”

“It sounds like… it’s related to Wang Deqiu and his son.” The guard nervously takes a peek at his liege’s reaction.

It’s no secret that it was Wang Deqiu who allowed those from the Spirit Realm to enter the Misty Fairy House unhindered and caused a bloodbath, but after it became public knowledge that the chubby and Bai Xiachen has become good friends, any dissent was squashed promptly then afterwards. Forget about getting mad at the Wang family, simply gossiping behind their back has become something dangerous for those living in the Misty Fairy House. After all, Bai Yan’s connection reached as far as the Medicine Sect and Holy Land. Only a fool would poke at this hornet’s nest.

“Let him in.” Though impatient and slightly annoyed, Chief Wu Wei still wanted to know what has happened to warrant a personal visit from the head of a family clan here.

“Yes, Chief.”

Minutes later, a middle-aged man quickly walked into the yard, followed closely behind by a young man whose face was now a bruised-up mess. It’s so bad that it’s difficult to make out his actual appearance.

Chief Wu Wei couldn’t deny he’s quite startled by that pig head of a face from someone oh so young. Hurrying to ask the reasoning: “What’s going on here? How did he get beat to such a state?”

“Chief.” Dou Tian grabs his son and got to their knees, their voices pleading: “You must get justice for my son here. He was still fine this morning, but now he’s become like this because of someone’s ruthless attacker.”

The young man also made some whimpering sound to enforce the claim. If one didn’t know any better, it’s very likely they would believe he’s suffered some great grievance.

Wrinkling his brow, Chief Wu Wei found this quite troubling: “Don’t tell me the one who beat your son into this state is Wang Xiaopeng right?”

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Regarding the chubby’s outrageous deeds in the past, even this chief himself has heard some of them stories. Now thinking back to his guard’s tone when passing the message, he’s now starting to believe the plausibility of said claim.

Pity though, this Wang Xiaopeng was his grandson’s friend. Regardless of the reasoning or what’s right or wrong, he has a duty to protect his own less he destroys the last strand of bond he has left with Bai Yan and her son. The matter with the eldest Yun Feng still hasn’t been settled yet so this chief doesn’t want to add anymore incriminating factors to his own case.

He’s already on the last stand before being abandoned by the whole family…..

“No,” said Dou Tian biting his teeth through and through. “The one who harmed my son is a little girl. I suspect this evildoer has a purpose in mixing into our Misty Fairy House. Chief, we must subdue this girl, not just for my son’s safety, but for the Misty Fairy House as a whole.”

In other words, this man’s claim was that single young girl who’s barely old enough to be considered a teen in appearance could raise enough threat to harm the entirety of everyone here…..

“Little girl?” Chief Wu Wei shows a dull and baffled expression.

It wasn’t Wang Xiaopeng, but a little girl of unknown origin?

“Dou Tian, can you have your son identify the girl then?”

“That’s not a problem,” said the man. “I’ll send my people to go find that little girl, and then….”

But before this person could finish his delighted words, a childish voice had cut him off from afar.

“The Misty Fairy House’s number one restaurant doesn’t live up to its name. Compared to my mother’s cooking, it’s too lacking. When Mother has free time and can cook up a meal, I will give you a piece Dragony, but only piece though.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” The responding female voice was full of joy and crisp to the ear.


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