Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 889 “Misty Fairy House Crisis 1 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 889 “Misty Fairy House Crisis 1 ”

Chapter 889 “Misty Fairy House Crisis (1)”

Chu Yi Yi’s expression went stiff.

This…… is he even my pa? It can’t be that I was picked up off the streets, now right?

Chu Ran then pats his daughter’s shoulder like he wants to add something else to his words in order to make it not so wrong. However, a slight chuckle from somewhere had caught their ears and pulled their full attention aside.

“Yi Yi, did you anger the Lord again?” The voice couldn’t anymore familiar. Swinging their heads around, what reflected into their eyes were Bai Yan’s gorgeous figure.

Tearing up in the face, Chu Yi Yi just couldn’t hold it in: “You’re alright Bai Yan! I’m so happy!”

“Sister Yi Yi.” Popping his little head out from behind his mother’s back, Bai Xiachen’s cuddly face had on a big giant smile: “Are you hoping my mother never be born or something?”

“No, of course not you silly.” Wiping some of those tears, Chu Yi Yi also burst out a big giant smile of her own. “I’m just too happy that you are all okay. Pa said there are powerful masters heading to the Medicine Sect so we were worried about your safety.”

“You don’t have to worry about us. We’ve also heard about those people heading to the Holy Land and Misty Fairy House, that’s why we’re here to check up on your wellbeing. But it looks like my help isn’t needed here anymore.”

“Actually Bai Yan, you’re one step late. Your man was here just moments ago and he only left because we told him you were at the Medicine Sect. He’s chasing over there for you right now.”

Sighing at the missed encounter, Chu Yi Yi lamented the fact that the pair were so close in meeting.

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Bai Yan didn’t mind. Still smiling in the face knowing that the Holy Land’s safe: “Lord, Yi Yi, I won’t stick around to chat any longer now that you’re all safe. The Misty Fairy House still needs my help.”

Not giving the pair down below to say more, Bai Yan pats the dragoness’s head: “Let’s go Dragony, they still need our help.”


Chu Yi Yi and Chu Ran were both gobsmacked by the dragon’s identity. That little lass who always follow behind Xiachen’s back is this dragon?

“It’s as I suspected. I knew Bai Yan and Xiachen aren’t going to be ordinary back when I first met them.” Watching those fleeting figure that’s quickly disappearing off into the horizon, Chu Ran issues a long sigh, “Good thing she is a grateful person who knows how to return good with kindness. You must stay on good terms with them so that when I pass on, I won’t have to worry about you.”

Getting slightly emotional in the eyes, the girl didn’t want to hear it: “Pa….”

“Yi Yi, your brother Yi Feng is destined to have his own fate in life, he won’t be able to give you protection, that’s why I want you to follow behind Bai Yan and learn from her. My hope is that she can shelter you….”

“Pa, you are not going to protect me anymore?”

“No you silly. Regardless of how strong a person becomes, there will always be an end. If I don’t make a breakthrough then it will only be a few decades more before I die. Then I won’t be able to shelter you anymore.” Perhaps it’s the way he said it, or that white sideburn, but his appearance has caused the girl to start whimpering with sadness.

In this world, what father doesn’t want to protect their own children? Don’t assume just because Chu Ran likes to berate Chu Yi Yi as a troublemaker that he doesn’t care for her, he does and a lot at that. Otherwise, why else would he make plans well ahead of his own passing?


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