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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 886 “Demon King Di Cang 4 ”

Chapter 886 “Demon King Di Cang (4)”

Chu Ran closes his eyes in gratification. The fact that they would avenge him was all the solace he needs when sacrificing himself.

“This isn’t good, he’s going to blow himself up!”

Seeing the momentum climbing higher and higher around the person, the leading opponent promptly revealed a trace of panic in that face.

“Lord Wu is with the others at the Medicine Sect, we must find a way to stop this bastard before it’s too late!”

Medicine Sect?

Chu Ran’s face turned ugly at that name. There’s a grave idea running through his head and it’s not something he wants to believe – that was Bai Yan also being at the Medicine Sect….


No way!

I must inform First Elder and them, they must go stop the lass before…. before she bumps head with these people.


Due to the stress while he’s gathering energy, another splurt of blood came spewing out of Chu Ran’s throat, causing him to stain his own robe and nearly losing his voice.

This is it, my life is coming to an end….

Just as his face grew more and more dire, a familiar figure had suddenly come into his line of sight from the forefront. It’s a pretty-looking girl wearing a yellow colored dress. Though noble in nature, the young miss did not lose that playful air that’s expected of a maiden. But instead of the usual smile he’s become accustomed to from the other side, there’s fear and horror in those feministic eyes.

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Yi Yi?

In that split second of recognizing his own daughter, Chu Ran’s heart nearly exploded and stopped beating entirely.

Yi Yi, run, run away!

He wanted to scream his thoughts out so she would understand what he wants, but his throat felt dry and husky, almost painful to even move air through them. Before he knew it, Chu Yi Yi was already coming up to his location and within the blast radius when he self-destructs….

There are only two girls whom Chu Ran takes as his own daughter. The first would of course be this troublesome lass who came running back against his wishes, the other being Bai Yan who’s likely facing off against the other group of invaders. To say fate’s cruel at this moment was no understatement.

Am I going to lose a daughter right before I die and at my own hands at that?

He closes his eyes in despair, waiting for the impending explosion from within his own core. Yet, despite his wait, nothing happened….. There’s no loss of his senses, nor are there the smoldering smell of smoke and fire in the air. It’s strange and odd.

Huh…. what’s going on?

Stiff as a rock, Chu Ran gradually opens his eyes again, too afraid the next picture would be something devastating and cruel. But his worries are for naught to be honest. Looking up, all he saw was that silvery and purplish figure being reflected into his eyes. Hands behind the back, he nearly fell into a hypnotized state when glancing over that face. It’s too surreal and handsome, yet devilish at the same time. Such a contour was beyond anything this lord has ever seen.

“Where’s Bai Yan?”

Just when Chu Ran was speculating on the identity of this newcomer, the other side had already spoken up using a voice that sounded like it had power in there.


Not letting the man himself reply at all, Chu Yi Yi had thrown herself at her old pa’s arm. Tearing up in the face: “Pa, you scared me to death just now… I thought I would never see you again.”

That comment only annoyed the receiving end of that outcry: “Didn’t I tell you to go? Why did you come back?”


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