Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 868 “Opening of the Domain, Bristleback Dragon 6 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 868 “Opening of the Domain, Bristleback Dragon 6 ”

Chapter 868 “Opening of the Domain, Bristleback Dragon (6)”


Hit by the sharp bristle that came falling down, one of the monsters instantly died under his own pool of blood right then and there. Even so, the rest of the creatures did not stop nor care for their fallen comrade. They kept pushing for the woman who’s still clinging hard for her dear life.

Irritated and annoyed as well, the Bristleback Dragon wasn’t just going to take that trangression lying down either. Barrel rolling left and right, it wanted to fling the unwanted passenger off from itself by using the intense force of its own maneuvers. Unfortunately for this ancient predator, Bai Yan did not let go and instead used the thorny bristles on its back as a form of projectile. In no time at all, countless corpses were left in their wake as they flew erratically across the sky.

A while later, the fighting has come to a halt…..

Littered with the dead bodies of the monsters that couldn’t fly, only one dragon remains after Bai Yan dismounted to rest next to a small tree. “Strange, half an hour has passed already. According to my calculation, I should be taking a sharp pain to my head by now after killing all these monsters. Why is there no reaction at all?”

Is it because this is the Holy Domain? That the side effects are removed thanks to the restrictions placed in this world?

This speculation delighted Bai Yan’s heart. Showing a happy face, she turns to the barebacked dragon who was moping nearby after experiencing that inhumane torture. “What, you don’t want to live too?”

The expression of the survivor looks like it’s very much aggrieved by the maltreatment. Not only has his back been completely plucked bare by this point, the poor thing actually wailed after seeing its own reflection from the puddle of tear it created by itself.

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Unable to take this trauma, the dragon made a direct run for the forest and was soon out of view. Bai Yan herself did not chase though. No matter what the intent was, she did survive this encounter thanks to the fella’s thorny spikes.

With nothing else to do now, she began to pick up the prized loot scattered around the area. But after removing of the quills from a body, Bai Yan actually discovered something inside one of the bodies…..

It was a golden colored core. In that instant not even she could remain indifferent. “Is this what I think it is? According to hearsay, ancient monsters are able to condense their essence into a core once they’re matured enough. Is this shiny core it?”

Elated to find such a precious treasure, Bai Yan wanted to store this thing away for future use only to have the thing melt away under a blinding light before shooting into her Dantian area. Without warning, her internal energy started to swell up.

Understanding what just happened after a momentary daze, she didn’t want to waste a single chance! Moving fast, her skills in dissecting lifeless bodies just went up by leaps and bounds today. Though Bai Yan did advance into the middle level of the Monarch Rank with twenty gold monster cores by doing this, but to reach the advance stage would still require her own efforts in consolidation the newfound energy inside.

Sitting crossed legged right now to digest the sudden influx of strength, she had just finished exhaling the last bit of polluted air from her system when a burst of rumbling sound came from the front…..

Looking over, she tightly dilates her eyes at the countless monsters trampling over and raising up a storm of dust: “It seems this big Holy Domain is similar to the mini one. After killing a group, it would bring in the more powerful hordes of monsters! No matter, they’re going to be my nutrient in improving my own strength…..”

Unlike the tense atmosphere she portrayed on the first encounter after entering the portal, there’s only a smile on that anticipating face.… To put it bluntly, it’s the look of a hungry wolf staring at its next meal.


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