Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 863 “Opening of the Domain, Bristleback Dragon 1 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 863 “Opening of the Domain, Bristleback Dragon 1 ”

Chapter 863 “Opening of the Domain, Bristleback Dragon (1)”

Cheng Wei’s face turned whiter by a whole shade. He did not expect Bai Yan to cover for Feng Luan after he threw the trump card he had in stock.

“Miss, you said not long ago that there will be no form of corruption or fraud in the Holy Land. Why are you sheltering this woman now?” Clenching his fist tightly, the disgusting bastard knew he has no way out and could only press forward.

Curling those lips into a smirk, Bai Yan sounded frank and unprovoked: “Don’t tell me… you didn’t know that there are many eyes within the mini domain? Whatever little secret you did inside there, do you think I wouldn’t know?”

“What did you say?” Cheng Wei flies into a great fright.

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So she means all of our actions were known all along? How did this happen?!

For a time, this disgusting bastard could barely keep his legs from going numb. In order to stop himself from collapsing before the crowd, he reached over to firmly grabbed onto one of his goon’s shoulder to keep himself upright.

“I’ll only give you one more chance, are you going to confess, or….”


Cheng Wei finally lost his nerve and got onto the floor with those knees. There’s sweat and there’s panic all over his face.

It’s over, this time I am completely finished!

Just like this coward, the goons that came with Cheng Wei were also kneeling there in a disorderly row.

“Miss, this matter isn’t our fault, it’s Sir Cheng Wei who ordered us to do so! Please let us go, we will never break the rules again in the future!”

The banging from their heads were now so great that it’s almost creating a tremor around the venue. Even so, their only wish right was for a hint of mercy so they wouldn’t be killed for the crime they committed.

Towards how easy his so-called supporters turned on himself, Cheng Wei only felt despair and betrayed. Showing a dead face, the only thing lingering in that head was the underlying question of his own impending punishment.

“Bai Yan, how come I didn’t know there are eyes hidden within the mini domain?” Swinging around after giving the cheaters a snarl, Chu Yi Yi tilts her head in amazement, “When did you send them in without my knowledge?”

Shrugging with a sly face: “I’m just kidding, who could’ve thought they would break that quickly.”


Those who were guilty immediately stopped their kowtowing act and made a distraught face of horror. It’s so bad that they even forgot to breath for a second….

What did she just say? She was just kidding?

“Qing Hong, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how to handle these people.” Giving a lazy stretch, Bai Yan slowly came down from the main stage and turns to the princess, “Let’s go Yi Yi.”

Both girls left without a second glance to those gobsmacked individuals whom they left behind themselves. The reason being there’s someone already looming over their heads ready to dish out the punishment.

“Sir… Qing Hong,” Cheng Wei gulps hard.

But before any more excuses could be said, the cold hard words of this Holy Land elder have dropped on top of his heads.


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