Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 860 “Wang Xiao Ying’s and Little Rice’s Whereabout 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 860 “Wang Xiao Ying’s and Little Rice’s Whereabout 2 ”

Chapter 860 “Wang Xiao Ying’s and Little Rice’s Whereabout (2)”

“The man of your heart? What, you mean that Lan Shaoling? I already know he rejected before when you confessed, why are you being stubborn on him? Do you think the Lan family is something you can match up to?” Seeing the ghastly complexion of the girl, Cheng Wei once again presses forward to loom over her: “Feng Luan, the real wishful thinking one is you! The Lan family may just be an ordinary household but they are backed by the Holy Land and Medicine Sect. Others would rather provoke a second-rate power than to provoke them so lose that dream of yours!”

Gently closing her eyes, Feng Luan didn’t want to and couldn’t refute that claim. She loves Lan Shaoling for his perseverance and courage he showed. So, when the people of her Feng Qi Kingdom prevented her from interacting with the boy, she kept doing it regardless. But now…. It’s as this filthy bastard says, she’s not a match for him anymore….

However, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t catch up. Feng Luan’s a proud and strong woman. Just because she’s no longer a match doesn’t in the future she won’t be. That’s why she came to the Holy Land, hoping one day she would become strong enough to stand by his side after earning the qualities again.

Just like before, standing by him…..

“So what if I don’t deserve him?” Opening her eyes again after reminiscing those happy memories she shared with the boy, her face remains expressionless towards these filth: “Even if I cannot get his heart I will not accept you. Take one or none at all, I at least understand that truth.”

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“You’re asking for it!” Turning cold in the face, Cheng Wei was done playing nice: “Take this woman down for me, I will let her have a taste of what it means to defy me!”

“Yes, Sir!” In no time at all, many of the devilish claws were now reaching out for the woman’s body in an attempt to subdue her.

Towards those filthy hands that’s trying to indiscriminately touch her body, Feng Luan’s expression grew hard and dangerous. “Scram!”


Fluttering up in the dress over the sudden burst of power, those goons that are in cahoots with Cheng Wei were instantly sent stumbling backwards.

“Step down, I’ll handle her myself!” Making an audible clack by closing that folding fan of his, those hands immediately thrusts forward like a eagle’s claw, fully taking aim for the woman’s neck in order to catch her.

Facing that intense attack, Feng Luan didn’t panic or back off, instead she musters up her own energy into the fist and met the assault head on.

Cheng Wei was absolutely shocked when they made contact. Not only did he fail to overpower the other side, he in fact felt his throat getting wet from the blood trying to come up. In the end there’s a trickle of the reddish fluid leaking out of the corner of those lips.

“You…” frowning, “how can you improve this quickly?”

This battle wasn’t the first he had with this woman, but before they only had a draw…. And now she’s clearly above himself!

“I’m not like you all. I’ve kept pushing myself during the entire time I’ve been in here while you bunch only thought about preserving your own strength.”

One’s the queen of a mortal kingdom, the other the young lord of a second-rate factionary power, it’s obvious the latter had the better resources. But through perseverance and strong will, Feng Luan has now surpassed these bastards using not only her talent, but effort!

Most likely insulted by that remark, Cheng Wei’s gaze grew threatening: “All of you attack with me. She’s only one person, I refuse to believe she can take all of us on at the same time!”


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