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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 839 “Be the Judge 3 ”

Chapter 839 “Be the Judge (3)”

Bai Xiachen’s cuddly little face was full of unhappy light when he saw that silvery snake. For such a young age, his eyes are already exuding a look of dominance.

The reasoning wasn’t for anything else, merely for the fact that the snakes had tried to attack him and his mother before.

Definitely sensing the hostility coming its way as well, the silver snake only needed one glance to shrink its head and tongue backwards after noticing the glare. The poor things fearful for its life and it’s done nothing wrong!

“Impudent!” The guard from the Fiery Flame Sect grew furious.

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Among the various powers out there, not many would dare act so rude while being in their presence. So, when the man wanted to go over to make an example of Bai Yan and her son, it was surprisingly the lady herself who decided to step in instead.

“This is the Holy Land, do not cause any trouble without my order!” Huo Yun’s not stupid enough to make a ruckus here.

She may be arrogant at times but that’s always while she knew the other side was inferior to herself. As for the mother and child in front…. she merely assumed they’re also here for the recruitment conference, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity to get even for this transgression!

“Come on, my cousin should be coming to pick us up so we mustn’t make him wait.” Turning away, Huo Yun has completely missed the murderous intent that’s being hidden away by Bai Yan.

Undeniably, the lady’s selfish act of ordering her own guard to step back was the right move, otherwise the outcome would’ve been a bloody one….

“Mother,” blinking his big blue eyes with a furrowed face, Bai Xiachen turns to Bai Yan using a pleading tone. “Can I go make trouble for her?”

Almost uncaring in the voice: “No son, remember what I taught you. Do not make trouble for those who don’t trouble you, but if they do, do not let them go!”

The implications were simple: if they dare to offend the kid then he’s free to crush them. But since they’re still not doing anything yet, he’s not to harm them.

By this point Huo Yun had already come before the main gate of the Holy Land, and just like this lady claimed, her cousin was waiting for her already at the entrance.

“Huo Yun, you’re finally here.” A young man calls out with a beaming smile.

Losing that prideful air, the lady promptly made a shy face while being in the presence of this somewhat handsome person whom she’s related to. “Yes Cousin, I am here. Didn’t my father already send word that I’m coming to attend the recruitment conference? If I can stand out this time then we would become senior and juniors as well in the Holy Land.”

“Haha,” Lin Yahan bellows out a hearty laugh at his younger cousin’s comment, “Don’t worry Huo Yun, your cousin I will definitely see to it that you’re able to join us in the Holy Land.”

Upon seeing how this big lady from the Fiery Flame Sect was able to have someone on the inside, many of the crowds were showing envious looks.

“So she has a cousin already inside the Holy Land….” Someone mutters to their partner.

“It would seem so. Also, I’ve heard that Lin Yahan isn’t just some random disciple, his mentor is one of the judges for the event.” Another comments from a different spot.

“Then wouldn’t that mean this woman and her son is in trouble? They just offended Miss Huo Yun, there’s no way the matter would be dropped just like that….”

Bai Yan did not respond to those various comments, instead she kept her mouth shut and silently listened to their conversations until her face has turned into an ugly frown.

To think there’s still corruption happening in the Holy Land after I told Shifu to clean out the cancers within here.

“Son, it looks like we came back at the right time.” Curving her lips into a smile, Bai Yan’s eye gave off a sharp glint.

In any case, I better let Shifus and them know about what’s happening here so they can pay better attention to the test.

After making that thought, she promptly grabbed hold of the two kids hand again and walked towards the main gate.


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