Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 822 “He’s The Demon King 1 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 822 “He’s The Demon King 1 ”

Chapter 822 “He’s The Demon King (1)”

“Okay,” raising his hand, Di Cang ruffles the boy’s hair in consent.

The main reason he didn’t send his son into the secret domain before was mostly due to that ‘being’ inside the boy’s body. Now that it’s being restrained using his own powers, there shouldn’t be any problems for the time period.


Demon Mountain.

A group of guards now surrounds the members of the elder council, causing the atmosphere to be tense and critical.

“Hahaha!” Fourth Elder suddenly breaks out into an eerie laugh of cunning, “So what if our king isn’t here? Now that we’re at the Demon Mountain, you people can’t do anything to us anyways so long as we take a few more steps upwards!”

That’s right, they are effective safe already due to Suzaku being only a few meters away from being able to attack. If they force their way out of this encirclement then no harm would come to them.

Growing heavy in the face, Senior Wei wasn’t going to take that threat lightly. He’s also sensing an ominous sensation when peering up towards the peak of the mountain like something frightening lies in wait.

“Retreat!” Waving his hand to order everyone to move, Fourth Elder knew this was their best opportunity to make a run for it. Sure enough, their assault easily catches one of the enemies off guard, thus creating an opening for their escape.

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Unfortunately, right when the elders were already steps away from reaching their goal of fleeing, an unexpected variable had caused them to turn around. It was Old Madam Huang. The granny has been taken hostage by that Senior Wei with his deathly grip around the woman’s throat.

“I heard you animals put a lot of emphasis on feelings…. Don’t tell me all of you are going to abandon this one to her fate?”

“Ma!” Huang Che Mu was the first to cry out after coming back to his sense. Inwardly, he was hating himself for not doing a better job of convincing his own ma of leaving instead of tagging along. Now not only was everyone stuck in a situation as a result of his moment of softness, she’s also in danger!

“Do you have no shame in threatening an elderly? Let her go now!” The one speaking out was Third Elder, his voice seething with rage when eyeing the perpetrator.

Senior Wei sneers at this: “You think I’m stupid or something? I know very well you’re trying to lure us into that mountain. I don’t know what’s in there but my intuitions are telling me it’s either a trap or something dangerous. If you want this old hag to live then come down from there this instant!”

Changing in their faces to a fearful white, Fourth Elder and the rest never expected this old man to be so vigilant.

Just getting close is enough to sense the danger?

“You let go of my ma!” the tiger chief rushes the person with fire in the eye.

However, before that punch could even make contact, Senior Wei’s one little sweep of the hand was enough to send out a wave of force to subdue the enraged chief. Sprawled onto the floor like a beaten cat, Huang Che Mu could not budge an inch, only spewing blood from his mouth and making a deathly glare with those bloodshot eyes.


Compared with her son’s resentment and panicking appearance, Old Madam Huang was rather calm there. She’s experienced a lot over the long years of her life so death wasn’t something she’s afraid of. “You people think I’m afraid of death or something? You’re wrong! Son, go back to the elders’ side immediately, my granddaughter cannot be without family after my death!”


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