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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 796 “Unfamiliar Teen 4 ”

Chapter 796 “Unfamiliar Teen (4)”

Bai Yan doesn’t care whether or not these people were blindsided by the mastermind behind Tsing Yi’s bad name, nor does she care if they know where Dragony was right now, all she knows was that they won’t get away for what they’ve done so far.


Dragon Valley.

Right at this time a small little head was sneakily scurrying about behind the rocks, only by seeing there’s no other people around did he wave at the girl behind himself to come over: “Dai Dai, hurry and keep up with me.”

“Mmm!” Giving a clever nod in response, the little lady hurries to skimp over while keeping a tense awareness of her surroundings.

“But Prince,” puckering her lips, Long Dai Dai appears troubled by their behavior. “Didn’t the Queen mention that you’re able to make all demons surrender under your bloodline? Why do we have to hide like this?”

“Stupid! The little steambun shoots an exasperated stare at the girl, “Dragony is in their hands. What if they use her to threaten me before I can save her? First we must rescue her, only then can I feel at ease.”

Bloodline pressuring could most certainly halt the actions of other demons, but that method would never be able to make the other side willingly submit. In that case, his best choice would be to secure the hostage before letting loose.


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Suddenly, the sound of footsteps could be heard coming from the side, causing the little steambun to grub onto the girl’s shoulder and drag her back behind the rocks.

“This time Miss Longyu has done a great achievement, to think she would be able to locate the first elder’s long-lost granddaughter. Ever since the elder’s son and daughter-in-law passed away, the child’s been the elder’s only concern.” One of the two ladies coming over says, totally unaware of the fact that there’s two snooping kids right around the corner.

“I know right? If I remember correctly, the granddaughter is called Long Dai Dai. Because of her, Miss Longyu is now back in favor after almost losing it entirely before the elder’s presence.”

Long Dai Dai?

Bai Xiachen became stunned by the name. Pausing to think it through, the boy blankly turns to the little lady beside himself.

Likewise, the girl herself was also in a stunned state: “But I am Long Dai Dai, how come the dragon clan also have a Long Dai Dai?”

Musing over what to say next: “Do you know why those people wanted to find you in the first place?”

“I don’t know,” she shakes her head like a rocking drum, “it was Sister Dragony who saved me, then she gotten taken away by those bad people….”

This news immediately caused the little steambun to light up in the eyes. “I understand then. Dai Dai, can you do me a favor?”

Having said that, Bai Xiachen then whispered something into the girl’s ear.

Nodding hard in return, Long Dai Dai immediately stood up from behind the rock and chased after the two ladies who’s now walked past them. Right away, the girl pretends to have accidentally crashed into one of the females.

“Ah!” the maid in pink swings around angrily after being attacked. To her surprise despite the initial urge to yell out in curses, an adorable looking pair of eyes had met her own, causing that heart to melt away.

“I-I’m sorry…” Long Dai Dai timidly lowers her head in apology, “I didn’t mean to.”

Collecting herself, the maid in pink quickly changes her tune at this picture, “Little girl, who’s child are you? Don’t you know it’s reckless to run around like this?”

“I…” pursing her lip in a pitiful manner, “I heard the first elder’s granddaughter has been found so I got curious and wanted to come see. But when I came around here, I realized I forgot the way to the elder’s courtyard. Big Sister, can you tell me how to get there?”


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