Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 771 “Dragony’s Whereabout 5 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 771 “Dragony’s Whereabout 5 ”

Chapter 771 “Dragony’s Whereabout (5)”

Picking up a smirk of his own, the chief could already imagine what’s going to happen. “And, based on Miss Xiao Wan’s fear of her own brother, I doubt she will have the courage to disturb their good moment.”

“Yes Chief,” cupping his hand, the guard complies.


While that was taking place in the study room, Di Xiao Wan and Bai Xiachen on the other hand have already arrived at the mentioned courtyard. When the pair saw who was outside the bed chamber and what he’s doing, they had to rub their eyes to make sure it’s not an illusion.

“Huh… is that my brother?”

The kid nods: “It looks like Baddie Father alright.”

“Xiachen,” a sly light escapes the demon princess’s eye, “you go do what we planned. Hurry!”

“This…” all tangled inside, “this might not be a good idea after all.”

He’s no stranger to this sweet dumbaclutz pulling a fast one on others, but not even this kid would be crazy enough to test his old man’s patience. That’s the equivalent of provoking the big bad boss of a dungeon!

“What’s so bad about our plan?” The demon princess huffs a grunt, “Did you forget already? Xiachen, if not for my brother, your father, luring so many love flowers over and not cleaning after his own mess, would your mother be hurt? Would she run away from home with you? We are not doing anything bad okay. We are getting even for your mother’s sake so there’s no harm done at all!”

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Swinging his little head around to meet that beautiful eye of the girl’s, “But Auntie, I remember you also had a hand in causing the misunderstanding that day….”

Stiff in the face: “Uhh, I know that! But the main culprit is still your father so we have to give him a lesson so he won’t forget. This way he won’t ever think about trying it for a second time.”

Going silent after hearing that last bit, the boy once again recalls back to the pained look of his mother’s face that day. As such, his involuntarily nodded in agreement.

“Okay Auntie, you wait here for me.”

Grinning right up to her eyes now, Di Xiao Wan didn’t bother to hide her glee at this moment. Over the years, she’s been scared shitless by her older brother so getting payback in this manner was something she could have only dreamed about until now.


At this time, Di Cang’s mind was so full of what he’s going to do in order to win his wife’s forgiveness that he didn’t even realize he’s now with company. But that’s changed as soon as he’s heard that howl in the air.

Turning dark in his face, the man could see – whether it be the sky or ground – hordes of demon beasts were quickly converging on his location. And due to this commotion, others of the residence had also come over in order to investigate.

To everyone’s great surprise and astonishment, they saw it. To be more precise, what Di Cang was doing at this moment. He’s kneeling in front of the bed chamber because Bai Yan had banished him out the door. But that’s not all though. Being thrown out of the bed was common for those being married, what shocked everyone was what’s underneath the man’s leg – there’s a washboard!

Note: for those that don’t know, a wash board is what people used to use to wash laundry with. It’s like a grater where the keep rubbing the clothes with water and soap.

The great demon lord, proud and almighty, their leader and god, was now degraded to being a kneeling doorman? Talk about destroying one’s image in its entirety!

“Who let any of you come in?” Slightly cold and glaring, Di Cang pulls himself up like nothing’s happened.


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