Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 761 “Bai Ning’s a Fugitive 1 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 761 “Bai Ning’s a Fugitive 1 ”

Chapter 761 “Bai Ning’s a Fugitive (1)”

“Tear this goddess apart so she will know the price of deceiving the Misty Fairy House!”

The elders were all furious, completely forgetting the power of those from the Celestial realm. Rushing over like a mob, they instantly drowned the fraud with their punches and kicks, leaving only the painful screams for help in the air.

Why….. It’s one thing that I couldn’t retrieve my clone from this world, but why is it that I can’t retaliate with my powers as well? Damn them all, damn them all!

Before long, the venting frustration was over. Now instead of the egotistic and proud goddess that once stood at the altar, there’s only the ragged looking woman in green that had messed up hair and plenty of purple bruises all over. Talk about a true beating, there’s hardly any good spots left on that body!

The fraud herself was fuming right now. it’s utterly humiliating, but what could she do? In the end the tears could only be sucked back in and her voice shut less she provoke further beating.

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“Wait a minute.” Then before anyone else could take another shot at the fraud after the elders were done, Bai Yan suddenly speaks up and halted her husband’s movement. Showing a dangerous light in those eyes: “I’m curious about something, When I showed up earlier, you acted like you knew me from somewhere for some reason. What’s the deal with that?”

Shuddering at the inquiry, the fraud would of course be unwilling to answer since she hated her the most. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Perhaps you’re just imagining things.”


A powerful force came flying over as soon as she made up that lie. Hitting in her kneecap, the fraud completely falls into a kneeling position due to the intense pain coursing through her entire existence. There’s now cold sweat dripping down the side as a result.

But compared to the pains she’s enduring right now though; the fake goddess was leaning more towards the fear instilled into her body by the two threatening figures present.

“When did I allow you to stand up to answer my wife’s question?” Arching a brow, Di Cang’s tyrannical presence completely dominates the scene like an unbearable titan.

“I…” Growing increasingly more nervous, open panic takes over the fraud’s voice as she banged her head against the floor for forgiveness. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I lied. Earlier I was thinking she looked very similar to a woman I knew from the Celestial Realm.”

A woman From the Celestial Realm?

Bai Yan makes a slight frown in the face, as was everyone else for that matter due to the odd reply. Thankfully the next answer resolved any question they had.

“That woman is also called Bai Ning!”

Bai Ning!

Bai Yan almost couldn’t keep her balance at that moment when she heard the important name. Hurrying to look up to meet the fraud’s face, she did not have time to ask for more details when an excited voice interrupts her thought from the rear.

“Bai Ning? You’re talking about Bai Ning, my Ning’er? She’s still alive?” It’s unsure when Yun Feng had awoken from his short blackout at the hands of his father the chief, but the man’s emotional voice said it all. He’s absolutely astounded and overjoyed at the possibility of his wife being alive, making him all teary and sobby in the face.

“Father,” turning to find the one man she didn’t expect to show so quickly, Bai Yan made a slightly surprised face. “When did you come?”

“Yan’er, did you hear that? Your mother’s still alive, she’s really still alive!”

At the beginning when Bai Chang Feng claimed that Bai Ning was still alive, this man didn’t honestly believe that saying. Sure, he has hope, but it’s a slim one and could practically be blown out at the slightest news of her death. But now, there’s real confirmation of the woman being alive! There’s no way he could keep his excitement in check at this point.

What about the Celestial Realm? As long as she lives then I will find her one day, no matter where she is!


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