Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 748 “Don’t Mess with the Father-in-law 6 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 748 “Don’t Mess with the Father-in-law 6 ”

Chapter 748 “Don’t Mess with the Father-in-law (6)”

“Mother, you are my most important person. If Baddie Father bullies you in the future then I will definitely hurt him.” Brandishing claws that was his tiny little hand, Bai Xiachen attempts to make a fearsome display of ferociousness only to fail miserably.

Chuckling at the boy’s downright adorable appearance, Bai Yan hurries to pull him in for a tight embrace and a peck on the cheek. To this mother, she now knows there are far too many shortcomings on her end and must remedied less she allow the same danger to befall themselves again.

So what if I can claim the throne in this mortal world? There’s still the Celestial Realm and the Demon Realm….

“Son, I won’t let anyone hurt you again, not ever….” Tightening her grip at the last word, Bai Yan’s murmuring voice was firm and convicted.

But as usual, the kid did the darnest thing and countered with a vow of his own: “I’m a man so I shouldn’t be protected by Mother. I will protect you instead!” Hands up and waving around, this act would bring delight to any adult who saw it.

Then just when Bai Yan wanted to give another series of smooches on her own boy caused by the funny display, the maid from earlier had barged in from out of the blue. Slightly frowning at the interruption: “What happened?”

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“Miss, this is not good!” The maid borders on the line of tears in her frantic appearance, “Muzhen had secretly informed the goddess of your existence prior to coming to make trouble so now that person is demanding your presence at the main altar. Please milady, you must hide while the chief stalls for time.”

Even though Jun Tian Yue mentioned before that this ‘goddess’ couldn’t bring her true body into this world, being safe than sorry was still the better option.

“Goddess?” Caressing her chin, Bai Yan definitely had other plans in mind than to flee. “Are you talking about the one who has an eye for my father? She’s the culprit who caused my parents separation, am I correct?

Growing urgent: “Miss, the chief said you mustn’t go at all cost. Not only is that goddess extremely powerful, I also heard she’s the love interest of the demon lord and celestial lord. Even if her real body can’t come to our world, there will be plenty willing to do the deed in her stead!”

For those in the secular world, it’s impossible to believe the existence of divine beings, let alone believe in the existence of the Demon Realm. However, since the Misty Fairy House was one of the three major powers out there, it’s not strange for them to know of other realms.


At the same time, Di Cang had been ease dropping on the entire conversation from the outside when he overheard this accursed statement. Originally he had only wanted to come find his wife to make another attempt at pleading his case, but now he’s completely dark in the face after hearing the bit about him having another lover, or more correctly, an affair….

What if Yan Yan gets the wrong idea and believes this nonsense?!

Getting urgently anxious, he couldn’t stand back anymore and rushed inside to pull that woman into his arms. Using a low and raspy voice: “You must believe in me. I don’t know who that goddess is. In this life, I only have you in my heart and no other woman!”

First glancing down at that possessive hand, then up to the man’s desperate face, she smiled. “I know…”


She knows?

Only then did the tenseness in the heart subside from the demon lord’s body. However, that soon changed to an unbridled fury.

Dammit, I just solved the snake girl fiasco and now comes another who wants to frame me?


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