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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 740 “Forgive Me, Okay? 4 ”

Chapter 740 “Forgive Me, Okay? (4)”

“Yan Yan is my wife. The next time you touch her, I will chop off that hand!”

Showing a faint smirk in return, Chu Yi God clearly had other opinions: “What she wants to do is her business, you can’t stop her.”

“Yes, I can’t stop her from doing what she wants, but I can strangle any bastard who tries to woo her! Come one and I’ll strangle one, come two and I’ll strangle two! In this life she is destined to be my wife!” Giving a warning glare to the other side that’s also floating in the air, Di Cang then descends to his wife’s side. In that moment, from what was an intense and oppressive aura was now a flattering and pleading face.

“Yan Yan, I can give you an explanation for what happened that day…” dry and a little hoarse in his voice, the desperate man tightly grasps onto Bai Yan’s hand. “I was framed, that wasn’t me that day. It was State Teacher’s mess. He created a substitute of me and that person impersonated me, I….”

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Countless emotions could be found fluctuating within the woman’s face, but in the end she did let it go.



What does ‘oh’ mean?

“Yan Yan, don’t you believe me?”

“I believe.”

She’s said it before. If he comes and give her an explanation then she would believe him.


“Then you forgive me?” Elated inside, Di Cang’s firm grasp strengthened a bit over the happiness.

“Take a guess.” Tilting her head to one side, Bai Yan answers with an undiscernible smile that left him uncertain and nervous.

“I…” slightly aggrieved in the eyes, “Can I not guess?”

“Then get out of my face!” Huffing and puffing, Bai Yan had to take a heavy deep breath before she could suppress the urge to yell at him.

Not willing to poke the hornets’ nest, Di Cang decides to focus his attention back to the competition. Squinting his eyes into a narrow slit, a powerful sense of sourness could be felt in the air as he eyed Chu Yi God.

As always, if there’s no room to vent his anger at the one he loves then its only to be expected for him to turn to the closest target at hand.

“I won’t go!” Di Cang viciously states his term. “From here on forward, no matter where you go, whether it be the heavens or hell itself, I will accompany you to the ends of earth! You can’t drive me away.”

Bai Yan promptly rolled her eyes at this big dummy: “I know, you idiot! Truth is I already knew I might’ve misunderstood you that day when I realized you left a wisp of power to protect me.”

Back then she was blinded by anger, hence the reason why she couldn’t reason out the flaws in the whole situation. If the matter didn’t affect her so greatly, Bai Yan most definitely would’ve taken a different path from what she did.

“But Di Cang, do you know what is the most important when two different individuals are trying to be together?”

Showing a blank face like most men would under such questioning, the great demon lord looked confused and clueless.

“It’s being frank and truthful. You’ve been keeping a lot of things from me so why should I give you another chance, and why are you coming to see me when you aren’t willing to be truthful?”

Pursing her lips, Bai Yan gives one final fleeting glance before slamming the door in her husband’s face.


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