Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 723 “The Lightning Strike of an Eighth Grade Pill 7 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 723 “The Lightning Strike of an Eighth Grade Pill 7 ”

Chapter 723 “The Lightning Strike of an Eighth Grade Pill (7)”

Bai Yan felt dreadfully weak in the legs. Finding a nicer spot to lie down, her face was now smothered with tears as she grasped tightly onto the token of their bond. There’s too much emotions running through her mind, and too much former events of her time with Di Cang replaying itself like a movie. Eventually, the fatigue causes her eyes to close in on itself.

“Why did it come to this? If he’s going to leave behind something to protect me then why did he send someone to kill me? What exactly happened that day?” Slowly, her wariness and doubt propels her consciousness over the edge and she soon slipped away into a uncertain slumber.


Not far away inside a cave of a certain valley, Di Cang was in the middle of meditating to heal his injuries when he suddenly jerked open his eyes. Grasping at his chest, he leaned in against the rocky wall like he’s in massive pain all of a sudden.

“Wohoo,” Bai Xiachen quickly rushes over after noticing the sudden change. Arching his head upwards in order to support his old man, the boy’s expression was full of concern.

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“I’m fine, don’t worry about me, it’s your mother that you should be worried about. She was in danger just now.” Rubbing his son’s head, Di Cang explains the reasoning, which had the opposite effect of calming the mood down. “Don’t worry, she’s safe.”

Since the wisp of power he left behind inside the carrot flower has been used, it could only mean his wife remains alive and safe for now. As to why he’s so certain, it’s because he used could fend off even a Celestial Rank master.

Now this also explains why Di Cang only flew into a rage back when he became informed of his shadow guards pursuing his wife for her life. The fact that the power didn’t activate before meant she was never in danger of being killed, otherwise he would’ve felt it firsthand.

“Xiachen, you can see for yourself too, there are too many dangers around your mother right now. You need to tell me where she is so I can go protect her.” Like before when he deceived the boy into the Demon Realm, he’s going to use the same tactic to deceive the boy into leading him to his wife.

He’s the kid’s father so he understands that using force won’t work with this rascal.

Tilting his head a little, Bai Xiachen appears to be struggling on trying to come to a decision. In the end, he ended shaking his head still and made a few sobbing cries.

“You mean you need to go back and ask your mother first?” Beaming with light in his eyes, Di Cang asks.

The little fox nods vehemently in return.

That’s right, only if Mother agrees then I can bring you to see her.

“Okay, you can go find your mother now. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine right here.” The man’s heart thumped with increasing intensity, leaving his voice hoarse and dry.

In the end, despite his suspicion, Bai Xiachen eventually ran out of the cave after looking back a few times. The boy didn’t fully trust his old man to do as he says but the worry for the precious woman of his heart got the better of him.

Sure enough, as soon as his presence was out of sight and away from the cave, Di Cang’s mouth immediately curved into a radiant smirk.

“Oh how low have I fallen. In order to see my wife, I’m now forced to use drastic means just to trick my own blood. Well, at least now I can track his trail and know exactly the places he went from this point forward.” In light of that reprimanding tone, the man’s expression clearly showed a sense of joy of what’s to come. “Oh Yan Yan, you will never break free from my arms in this lifetime, I won’t let you! Even if I have to search through heaven and earth, I will find you and be together again!”

Compared to the sly old fox that was Di Cang, the inexperienced little fox that was Bai Xiachen could never outdo his old man. The mere fact that he’s left to search for his mother had sold them both out.


In the short recess of rest that Bai Yan took after losing consciousness, the woman had not only regained her strength, she’s also brimming with energy at having her body refined to a new height. And likewise, the pills inside her cauldron that’s placed not far away inside the room was also spewing an incredible smell, indicating its success.


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