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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 696 “Impersonate 8 ”

Chapter 696 “Impersonate (8)”

Sprawling down to his old man, Bai Xiachen would on occasion shoot up a glance up from time to time check the man’s status. This act continued until the kid could hear the breathing growing more and more smoothly, which was a good sign and the signal for his unease to settle down….

“Xiachen, I am a little thirsty, can you get some water for me?” After some time, Di Cang awakes and smiles down at the boy who was still around resting.

The kid didn’t act up like usual, only giving a quick nod before hurrying off to the river not far away from their location. If only Bai Xiachen had taken a moment to think this request through then he would’ve remembered something crucial. For a powerful master, not eating or drinking for months on end wouldn’t be an issue at all, so the fact that the great demon lord would ask him to get water should’ve been a huge red flag for something strange.

Sure enough, as soon as that little figure finished disappearing from view, Di Cang’s complexion could no longer keep up the façade and instantly turned into an unhealthy shade of white where he ended up puking blood from his mouth.

“It looks like its still too early to be using my strength like that, but if I didn’t then he would be at constant danger of suffering a relapse from his own powers.”

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Wiping the trail of blood smeared to his chin, this father didn’t regret the fact. He’s only annoyed that the effort and cost didn’t quite match up to what his expectations wanted. After all, the original plan was to wait till they meet up with Bai Yan first before tackling the issue, but that thought went out the window after he noticed the urgency in his son’s body.

Thoughts aside, Di Cang knew he must get his act together before the boy notices his condition. Hurrying to scatter the ground with dirt, he covers up the blood he made.

Good timing too because as soon as he was done, the little fox had returned with the water using a makeshift bowl using a bamboo leaf.

Smiling at this, the man didn’t hesitate and readily took a drink from his son’s generosity. “Why didn’t you leave just now?” he asks with a pleased undertone.

Towards his old man’s inquisitive question, Bai Xiachen honestly didn’t know what to make of it either aside from swinging his head repeatedly. It’s true he wanted to leave as well and return to his mother’s side, but those legs refused to budge for some reason!

Maybe it’s because I can’t bear it? Hanging his head, the kid wanted to reprimand himself for getting soft. I won’t betray Mother still!

“Don’t worry, I won’t force you to take me to your mother for the coming days.” Di Cang needed only a glance to understand what his son’s thought patterns were so he didn’t press the matter.


Lighting up in joy, the little fox looks up at his old man happily.

“But you have to stay within my sight during this period while we are together.” Catching the little guy into his grasp again, he dryly states his terms.

There’s no way he could let this fella go. If he does then how was he supposed to find his wife again?

The little fox desperately nodded in return, As long as he doesn’t force me to go find Mother then anything can be negotiated….

“Come, I’ve found a cave earlier so we will go there to recuperate.”


While the father and son were having some bonding time together, Bai Yan on the other hand was busy training in her own residence so none of the members in this family were able to learn of the major event taking place within the Dragon River.

It’s nothing much really, only that Silvery had been caught by the members of the Misty Fairy House after the careless dragon went out for a stroll. Normally the slithering serpent could easily suppress a group of fighters merely by using his draconian aura, but this was one of the three major powers out there. One master couldn’t do the task doesn’t mean a dozen masters couldn’t….


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