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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 695 “Impersonate 7 ”

Chapter 695 “Impersonate (7)”

The little fox definitely lacked confidence in his old man’s culinary skills, but that soon changed after he got his first whiff of the barbecue scent in the air. All of a sudden, there’s now a drooling kid who kept trying to resist the temptation despite that constant peeking from the corner of his eye.

After half an hour later, Di Cang readily tosses the roasted pheasant over to the boy’s side where he immediately took a huge bite out of the flesh like a hungry animal. The flavor and aroma were overflowing, filling his jaws and taste bud to the brim of intoxication.

Then realizing the fault in his manners, Bai Xiachen at least had some consciousness left in his gluttonous self. Ripping one of the legs off, he tosses it back over to the watching demon lord like its his form of kindness.

Di Cang on the other hand honestly didn’t expect this from the boy. The kid’s always been quite resistant to his existence, that’s why this act actually shook him somewhat and made him get a true sense of being a father.

“The one who hunted you and your mother really wasn’t me before, and… I’ve dealt with them already.”

Sadly, the boy only had the roast pheasant in mind right now so none of those sincere words even reached his ears, let alone sway the kid’s opinion.

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Truly, only a mother would know their son the best. Exactly like Bai Yan predicted, the grumbling stomach always comes out on top for this little glutton.

“What do I have to do to get you to take me to your mother? As long as you tell me then I will promise anything.” Di Cang once again pleads using his gentlest tone.

Shaking his little head after a good moment of musing, Nope, I mustn’t bring Baddie Father to see Mother, otherwise Mother will surely beat him away. And…. I haven’t even forgiven him yet.

“Xiachen, if I’m not wrong, you fell into a frenzied state before did you not?”

Frenzied? The little fox blinks and blinks, confused by the term. What’s that?

He knew only to protect his mother back then and to kill anyone who wants to bring her harm. As for everything else, he didn’t have a clue remaining in his already hazy memory.

“From the very beginning I could tell there’s a mysterious force contained within your blood. I had thought it would take several more years before that power breaks forward, but it seems it can longer wait.”

Bringing the fox into his arms, the man leisurely leans against the nearby tree like a magnificent sculpture.

Naturally Bai Xiachen would struggle at the contact, after all, he’s still quite upset at his old man. But a baby fox would remain a baby fox, there’s no way he could overpower a fully-grown man’s binding hands.

“Don’t move.” Di Cang’s finger taps down at the boy’s temple.

In an instant, a cool stream of energy flows into that body, causing a wave of refreshing tension to take hold. Eventually a pleased groaning sound escaped the boy’s mouth. His appearance was no different from a kitty cat being petted with its eyes closed. Then just as the pleasurable massage was at its peak, the stream of energy suddenly stopped, causing him to wince and look up in puzzlement.

At this moment Di Cang’s complexion didn’t look good at all despite the smirk he held. In fact, the voice he’s making carried a trace of weakness.

“Originally I wanted to wait a bit longer for my strength to restore itself, but its clear that cannot wait anymore. Remember, what I did will only last for two years. Afterwards the rest is up to yourself, otherwise the mysterious power will return and cause havoc in your own body.”

Making a muffled howl at his old man’s weakened state, the kid’s big blue eyes were filled with water.

“I’m fine, I just need a bit of rest.”

After saying that, the demon lord then carefully placed his son down to take a proper posture. With his eyes closed, he’s now in a meditative state under the setting sunset, giving him an almost holy and Buddhist look.

Under normal situations, Bai Xiachen would’ve made a bolt for home by this stage considering everything he’s been through. However, against the fatigued appearance of the man here, he just couldn’t move….


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