Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 676 “Hypocritical Mu Leng 5 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 676 “Hypocritical Mu Leng 5 ”

Chapter 676 “Hypocritical Mu Leng (5)”

“Shifu, I know what to do.” Glowing a frosty tint in those eyes, Me Leng confirms she’s got the idea in her demeanor.

This time I will not let my plan fail!


The Ho family was a small to middle ranked household in the Misty Fairy House. As such, even if the disciples under them would have to survive with their tails behind their butt. But that’s all changed in the past couple of days thanks to the people sent over by Mu Leng.

Not only did Ho Cui Cui herself readily accept the proposal to impersonate Bai Yan when the idea was brought up, she also willingly joined the plan to become Huan Yin’s benefactor in light of the deceit involved. It’s simply too tempting, being a person of superior status. However, there’s just one minor issue, she must lose that buttload of weight from her figure!

Sadly, Ho Cui Cui has always been a glutton. Forcing her to go on a diet was excruciatingly painful. Therefore, it only took a few days before the girl couldn’t handle the restriction anymore and secretly snuck out of her home to visit the best restaurant around…


“Ohooohhooo.” Bai Xiachen tugs at his mother’s sleeve, those eyes shooting straight over to the restaurant that’s giving off a salivating smell in the air.

“Are you hungry?” halting in her step, she asks with a affectionate gaze.

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Giving a desperate nod at that question, the baby fox looked absolutely adorable in that appearance. Its no different from a baby pleading for food to his mother.

In actual truth, the boy didn’t really want the restaurant’s food, rather its his own mother’s cooking. Sadly, he’s too afraid of them being snatched away by those two new shifus when they get a whiff of the smell. As such, he could only endure for now and turn to this restaurant.

“If you are hungry then let’s go inside and rest.”

Bai Yan’s naturally aware of the two shadows tailing her since the day of the conversation, therefore she’s not in the position to go inform Tsing Yi of what she knew right now. But no matter, passing on a message could be left solely to Goldy and Silvery since they are under no restriction. The main urgency still remains with locating Dragony and the Blood Vine seeds….

Bai Xiachen didn’t have that much problems compared to his mother though, he only has food in mind at the moment. Blinking like stars in his eyes, the little fox licks that cheek like a good little son that he was and got a good rub on the head in return.

Unbeknownst to the boy though, Bai Yan was rather worried about her son’s current state for its been a long time since she’s heard him call out to her in that cuddly voice….

The business around this Longjing Restaurant was very good based on the fullness of their lobby. Maybe its just luck at play today but Bai Yan and her son were able to get a table as soon as they entered thanks to a couple leaving at the same time.

But good fortune doesn’t always last. As soon as she’s finished picking out a few dishes and was in the middle of playing with her son, that’s when it happened….

“Ho Cui Cui, I obviously came first so based on what can you take my seat?” the voice sounded angry.

Sneering in return: “Liu Yu, you’ve snatched my stuff on more than one occasion before so what does it matter if I return the favor just this once?”

“You…” the other person stares wide-eye there. The idea of Ho Cui Cui talking back to him simply never crossed his mind.

What’s going on here? This girl always run like a cat as soon as she sees me, why is she acting so rudely all of sudden?

“You are crazy!” In the end, he snaps and shot this over to the instigator of the drama.

“You only dare to pick on me before because of your brother working in the chief’s manor. From now on I, Ho Cui Cui, will no longer put up with your affronts. If you don’t scram before I get mad then I will show you what it means to cross me!” After giving this threat, the chubby girl then picks up the leftover dishes and threw it all over in Liu Yu’s direction.


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