Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 666 “She’s a Good Person 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 666 “She’s a Good Person 2 ”

Chapter 666 “She’s a Good Person (2)”

There really lives a dragon in this river?!

“It’s a dragon, it really is a dragon! I have seen the pictures in the old texts, its exactly as described like that!”

“And, it doesn’t look like there’s only just one here either, the banging is still happening beneath the boat!”

“But we have Miss Mu Leng here, there’s no need to fear everyone, she will keep her promise and protect us.”

While various remarks were being thrown in the air, the high-standing woman herself didn’t feel so high and mighty now. The promises she made earlier were no more than boastful bluffs, there’s no way she could take on a real living dragon with her meager skills.

“Save me! Someone please save me!” The one being swept away by the dragon tail screamed for help. In her moment of panic, the girl’s first instinct was to seek the assistance of Mu Leng because she’s the one who stood out the most and was at the forefront of the deck.

Unfortunately for the desperate victim, her supposed savior didn’t move an inch, only standing there without action like a hesitant bat. This reaction didn’t go unnoticed by the girl herself of course, which gradually caused the flailing and crying to quiet down due to despair.

The victim may not want to die or be kidnapped away by some unknown serpent, but she’s not so dunt in the head to not realize Mu Leng had no requirement to save herself. After all, they’re not family or friend, merely guests of the same event.

Eventually someone did make a move though. For a womanizer, Xun Huan doesn’t disappoint in his title because he couldn’t stand the idleness showed by everyone and rushed forward with his fists blaring power.

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The man may not be the best character around but he sure knows how to show off his heroic side when it counts!

Sadly, a dragon would remain a dragon. In one sweep of its tail after noticing the approaching assailant, the attacker was sent flying from the impact.

Xun Huan was sent flying? But he’s a lower level King Rank cultivator! If he can’t do anything then who else is going to stop them!

Numerous gasps and hisses could be heard from the onlookers who were too afraid to do anything, both from ashore and on the boat.

“Scram male, I only want girls!” The dragon doesn’t even flinch and showed a disdainful glare at the womanizer before diving straight into the river.

Meanwhile at the same time….

The dragon that’s been banging at the boat from beneath the water was also done with its deed. There’s now a big hole in the side, allowing the river water to gush into the lower cabins.

“Ah!” The cold water poured into Huan Yin’s mouth after she was suddenly caught by another tail that came sweeping in through the hole. She wanted to struggle and break free, unfortunately, her strength was nowhere being strong enough to resist as the lack of oxygen quickly left her sight blurring away.

Am I going to die today?

It was so hard for me to be able to cultivate too, but now… I’m going to die?

Frustration and sadness plagued that pitiful smile as she closed those eyes in acceptance.

But fate has kindness. Just as she’s about to hit rock bottom, a hand suddenly reached out and grabbed her by the wrist. Before Huan Yin knew it, air, fresh and powerful air filled her lungs, refreshing her already muddled consciousness with life again.

“I… didn’t die?” In that moment of her life, the girl could not believe her luck. She had already given up and stopped struggling underneath, but now her face was above water and gazing up at the sky.

Then all of a sudden, a bolt of electricity zapped her brain upon remembering what had happened and the hand who helped herself. Before Huan Yin could ask those around where her savior was, the other girl who was also dragged into the water was thrown into the air and landed back on deck like herself.


By this point the deck of the boat had been filled with people, they’re all making apologetic looks as they watched the bottomless river.

“Who?” Regaining some strength after collecting herself, Huan Yin hurries to search around: “What happened just now? Who saved me?”

The faces coming back were very complicated. In the end it was the womanizer who decides to explain the details, “It was the girl who cured you earlier.”

Up till now none had even bothered to ask the lady her name so Yun Huan (womanizer) couldn’t even state Bai Yan’s name.

“What?!” The soaked girl anxiously grabbed onto the man’s arm and scanned the area, “But where is she, I don’t see her!”


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