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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 664 “Youth Exchange 8 ”

Chapter 664 “Youth Exchange (8)”

An uproar explodes out of the crowd.

“Thank you, thank you so much.” Huan Yin’s voice was filled with emotion as she reached for Bai Yan’s hand to give her gratitude. There’s so much things she wanted to say right now but didn’t know how to express herself. “I don’t know what more to say, without you, I would never have been able to cultivate in this lifetime….” Eventually that heartfelt voice had devolved into a whimpering cry, indicating how much this truly meant for the girl who’s been mocked numerous times behind her back.

Sure, Huan Yin’s ability in alchemy may be very high much thanks to her own effort, but make no mistake, being unable to cultivate remains a huge regret that she couldn’t shirk off. But now, Bai Yan has saved her! So how could she not be excited?

“You don’t have to thank me. If you want to thank someone then thank Sir Xuan Huan here. It’s he who used a Blood Ginseng to save you.”

At first the womanizer still didn’t process what she meant by that due to the suddenness of the claim, but that soon changed to an exploding jump into the air: “HEY!! When did I promise to give you the ginseng?”

“Just now,” she smiles like a fox in return.

“I promised you a Blood Ginseng only if you could help me make a breakthrough. You didn’t do that so why should I give you it?”

“Hmm,” rubbing her chin like she’s musing the logic in that, “a Blood Ginseng is too cheap for me to help you make a breakthrough, however, its more than enough to help Miss Huan Yin here. For someone who claims to be a friend of all women, aren’t you being a bit petty?”

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Grinding his teeth at being put in the spotlight, the womanizer never thought he be taken advantaged of like this, not after spending the last twenty years having his way in life!

“Fine, I can give you the ginseng if you like, but you must let me have a look at your face.” Without giving any time for the other side to refuse, Xun Huan wanted to take the chance to jump the gun.

Unfortunately for this man though, Bai Yan has never been one to let her guards down, especially in some public event filled with strangers. Cold to the glare, she eyes that hand like she’s going to chop it off if it inches another step closer. “Try and you can lose that hand.”

Flinching right at the last second, the womanizer normally wouldn’t fear any threat from the opposite. After all, he wouldn’t be a womanizer if he couldn’t handle a few threats from the opposite sex. However, Bai Yan’s threatening gaze just rubbed him the wrong way like there’s something creepy to it.

“Fine, fine, fine, I won’t look if you won’t let me. Jeezes, scared baby I to death there.” Retracting his hand to pat his own chest, the man looks like he’s still not quite back to normal due to the sudden fright.

Now its Bai Yan’s turn to feel creeped out. Getting goosebumps all over, she didn’t expect something so corny and hair-raising to come out of someone so old!

At least don’t act like a child when you’re one of the oldest here!

Against the picture of the two fluttering around her opponent’s side, the high standing woman who started all of this didn’t look so good. In particular was the fact that her pursuer had just pretty much ditched her for this nobody. Sure, she doesn’t like the guy to begin with, but that doesn’t mean it’s alright to let other’s take what’s supposed to be hers…

Then just as Mu Leng was ready to open that mouth in order to attract attention, a loud rocking suddenly shook the boat and cut her off.

“What happened? Why do I feel like something is hitting the boat from underneath?” A random person from the crowd exclaims.

“Don’t scare me, what could be in the water? It must be your illusion…” Another man voices his fear and looked like he’s about to faint.

The rocking and swaying only got worse and worse following every second to the point where those on shore could now visibly see the distress. Everyone’s starting to panic and hurried to spread away as a result, afraid they might get caught up in the mess somehow.

“Calm down everyone!” Mu Leng puts on a strong face after seeing the crumbling situation, “I speculate its just a big fish in the water. It will leave soon enough. Remember, this is the Dragon River, there’s no monsters here.”

“But… but I heard there’s supposed to be a dragon living in the river!” The young man who cried out earlier in terrible fright calls out this fact.

“Please be assured everyone,” Mu Leng’s palm was also getting sweaty despite the strong front. Nevertheless, she persists and doesn’t falter in the face: “I’ve been here for many years already, never once have I seen a dragon. If there is one though, be at ease, I would love to tame such a wondrous creature as my own pet!”


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