Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 631 “Bai Xiachen’s Fury 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 631 “Bai Xiachen’s Fury 2 ”

Chapter 631 “Bai Xiachen’s Fury (2)”

Only issue was that she didn’t even get the chance to run to Bai Xiachen’s side before the boy’s figure disappeared from where he stood and reappeared in front of a shadow guard.

With a smack against the forehead, the body of the individual deflates into a ball and makes a splattering sound of ethereal goop being impacted against a rock.

“Huang Xiao Ying, Little Rice, help me stop Xiachen! We can’t let him continue like this.” Panic now has a strangle hold around Bai Yan’s heart, causing her movement to stumble at every gesture.

“Mistress, me and Xiao Ying… can’t stop Little Master!” Standing apologetically behind Bai Yan’s back, the baby tiger looks on with intense fear over the carnage driven boy who looked nothing like the one he’s known all these years.

Ethereal blood soon stained the entire mountain range as a result of the boy’s action….

The once cuddly Bai Xiachen looked nothing like a human anymore, he’s a beast, an animal that’s completely out for blood and death, that’s the form this boy has taken.

Its as if there’s a demonic monster inside willing to rip the world asunder.

But finally, after struggle and effort, Bai Yan’s hand did eventually reach over to her son’s side. Pulling in the flailing boy who somehow didn’t attempt to harm herself, this mother embraces her son with all her might like it’s the only thing that could possibly stop this bloodbath.

And sure enough, the creature may not be able to get a clear look at the person stopping him from the front, but the familiar scent was undeniable. Slowly, his sanity returns and causes that body to freeze over upon recognition.

“Mot… Mother?”

Is it Mother?

Yes, this warm peaceful scent can only be from Mother’s body, there’s no one else.

Evoking a genuine smile at the thought, the bloodthirst which once shrouded those eyes gradually dissipated, allowing the adorable Bai Xiachen to return to this world.

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I looks like I made Mother worry….

I am sorry….

He slowly closes his eyes, feeling the wave of fatigue quickly taking over.


Bai Yan’s hand jerked into a tight ball, her eyes staring intently at one of the remaining shadow guard who didn’t get pulverized to mush yet.

“I know even if your clone is dead, your main body wouldn’t be harmed… so pass on a message to Di Cang for me!” The woman’s laugh almost fell into a hysteria as tears covered up that face, “I don’t blame him for using me to save the Demon Realm, but he never should’ve gone this far to push us over the edge! I will never forgive him for the rest of my life!”


Before any words could be exchanged from the shocked guard’s mouth, Bai Yan had already reappeared behind his back and sent a deadly palm strike down from above.

Due to being injured from the start, this individual didn’t waste much of her energy, thus making it a quick process. However, the bigger problem now lies in caring for her son, which Bai Yan was now feverishly trying to feed her medicinal pills to.


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