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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 629 “Leave 10 ”

Chapter 629 “Leave (10)”

Bai Yan’s expression sank as she stared coldly at the group in front. Her lips curving into a satirical arc: “What is the purpose of your visit? It can’t be that you lot are planning to take me back?”

“We have been ordered by the king to kill the queen!”

Kill the queen!

These words were like thundering claps, sending the former into utter shock.

The most effected had to be Bai Xiachen though because the kid was in open denial now. “Impossible, you’re spouting nonsense! Baddie Father loves Mother so much, there’s no way he would make such an order when he would always toss me aside!”

Collapsing from within, the little boy’s heart hurted so much that tears now painted that once adorable face, making it aching and painful to those who watch.

It wasn’t just the boy either, Huang Xiao Ying was also greatly stunned by the order. There’s desperation plastered all over the tigress’s appearance because she’s aware of these people’s identity too. “These people really are the shadow guards from the palace, there’s no falseness in their words…. Only the king can mobilize these people and nobody else!”


“Queen, your son is the prince of the Demon Realm so we won’t be harming him. However, His Majesty’s will is to not let you leave… You have two choices, either return with us or die here today!”

Although Qing Xue’s order to her conspirator was to kill Bai Xiachen as well, but…. regardless of what that venomous bitch wanted, the man still had enough sense to realize the flaw in that plan.

If he did order the death of the little prince, it would cause some serious concerns for suspicion, that’s he withheld that part of the command and even changed Bai Yan’s too.

Well, its not like that person wanted to give mercy, just that he knew Bai Yan wouldn’t return no matter what since she’s already stepped out of the Demon Realm.

“He really… said it like so? Did he forget that we are in a contract? If I die, he too will be also greatly damaged by the backlash.”

The shadow guards were completely amazed and quite frankly taken aback by this piece of information. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for them to recover from the shock. “His Majesty is a powerful being. Even if his strength is damaged in the process, it will only take a few days for him to return to normal.”

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Bai Yan clenched her fist until the bones were crunching.

So that’s the case…

The contract never did matter, it was all a ploy to fool me!

“Mother, he wants to kill you, Baddie Father wants to kill you!” Gradually a dangerous light started to envelop the boy’s eye, causing him to take on a more mature and spooky appearance. “Why, why is he doing this? Why did he make such an order? I don’t believe this! I won’t believe it!”

Bai Yan’s face grew exceptionally dark: “Huang Xiao Ying, Little Rice, the two of you are to watch over my son and Dragony.”

Gently pushing her son away, she confronts the group in front, ready to begin battling for her freedom.

“I will come back to the Demon Realm one day, just that its not now!”

With the wind blowing against her pristinely red dress, the majestic appearance of her wardrobe and personal aura gave the woman the perfect air of a royalty. The perfect image of someone that stands at the top of this world, just like her husband….

“Queen, His Majesty still has feelings for you, as long as you come back with us to the Demon Realm then everything can be worked out…” The leader of the shadow guard furrows his brow, troubled by the impending fight.

He never wanted to make a move against the queen, nevertheless, if he had to choose between a human woman or the man whom he swore loyalty to, its going to be Di Cang.

“Mistress…” Little Rice looked on worriedly at Bai Yan, causing his young heart to thump with immeasurable pain like its been stabbed by a needle.

Like her man, Huang Xiao Ying also refused to believe reality and shook that head in denial: “Hubby, what is happening? I don’t understand this. Why is His Majesty doing something like this to Her Highness?”

“Hoho,” Little Rice sneered at the question and made a disgusted and disappointed face. “Me and Mistress accidentally came across something the king didn’t want us to know, that’s why we left the Demon Realm. Originally Mistress still wanted to hear an explanation from the king, but… to think that bastard would put out the order to kill!”


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