Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 608 “Di Cang’s Departure 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 608 “Di Cang’s Departure 2 ”

Chapter 608 “Di Cang’s Departure (2)”

Since you are not benevolent then don’t blame me for being unjust!

This is all because you spilled our conversation out to everyone, now its on you to take responsibility.

Even if the royal family wants your life, you deserve it!

Dragony’s body literally froze on the spot as a layer of sadness covered up that hanging head. She may have only just opened up her mind thanks to Bai Yan’s jelly beans, even so, she’s smart enough now to know when her father wants her life!

“Little Dragony,” Bai Xiachen smiled brightly as he turned back to the girl. “Are you seeing this? He’s already treating you like so. You wouldn’t have an opinion when I punish him later right?”

That question instantly shattered the cruel smirk from the dragon chief’s face. Now, only startlement remains as he stared wide eyed at the little prince.

What does he mean by that?

“He is not my father!” The little missy cocks her head up, tears removed from that collected face: “HE IS NOT MY FATHER!”

“Auntie,” grinning in his smile, “it was you who agreed to hand over Dragony to him. Now I will let you dispose of him personally!”

The demon princess didn’t object, only puckering her lips to the side. This little rascal, he only said all those things to let Dragony see the man’s true face.

“If you don’t handle it well…” Bai Xiachen’s voice grew chilly and unnerving, “If my mother finds out, she will be quite angry you know.”

Upon the second that threat came to an end, the princess immediately shuddered in cold fright at the image of that peerless couple. All frowning now in that face: “Xiachen, how can you be like this, learning the habit of threatening others from your mother…”

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“That’s because you handed Dragony over to him.”

“But you also agreed to the idea…”

“That’s why I’m troubling you to take the blame for me!” Making the most cunning grin ever, the baby boy didn’t bring shame to his heritage of being a fox.

Di Xiao Wan’s face went darker than a bottom of a pot. As expected of my brother’s son, he really is so loveable and hateful at the same time…

While the two were having the conversation to decide his hate, Long Chang Tian on the other hand was already a lost cause. He could hear nothing, only dropping to the floor with his despairing face of what awaits him.

Its over!

This time I’m finished!

“Bastard, you almost dragged me down with you did you know that? Not only are you not repenting for your crimes, you even tried to frame your own daughter. It’s a real tragedy for Dragony to have a father like you.” Sending a kick at the dragon chief to vent her anger, Di Xiao Wan misses the straggler in the back corner of her eye as the result of her preoccupied attention.

For every bastard there must be a bitch to accompany them, otherwise how could they be a perfect match? For Long Chang Tian, his partner naturally falls onto Zhang Ruyi. This woman saw it all, the lies, the deceit, and the impending capital offense awaiting her husband. Just that instead of coming to the man’s aid, this woman wanted to split for the outside the second things turned bad…

“You are a hundred times worse than that Zhang Ruyi! She is openly bad on the surface while you are bad straight to your bones! I’m telling you now, no one can save you today. As for your clan, I’ll have brother choose a new chief for the Dragon Clan. I really can’t put any trust into you dragons at this point.”

Before long, wails of sorrow were dominating the air within this corridor and catching the attention of the attendees who came today. The only reason they didn’t run over to see what’s happening was due to the princess’s presence. But when it came time after the deed was done, the scene that’s displayed for the people were horrific and fear instilling.


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