Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 595 “The Queen’s Coronation 7 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 595 “The Queen’s Coronation 7 ”

Chapter 595 “The Queen’s Coronation (7)”

“Ho,” Zhang Ruyi sneered as she evoked those lips into a satirical smile: “It’s not like she would understand me anyways when I call her that, but that’s beside the point. Didn’t we agree on letting Xiaoya enter the palace to become a consort? What if that little fool botches it for her sister by tagging along?”

That little fool only knows how to make trouble all day and night, I don’t get why he must persist in letting that girl enter the palace.

“Damn it, did you forget the prophecy made by the family elders? Dragony is destined to become extraordinary since her birth. She may not be soaring now but I know she will eventually do so.” Taking another sip from his teacup, Long Chang Tian casually reminds his wife.

That did not sit well with Zhang Ruyi at all. Shaking all over from annoyance: “If it wasn’t for those blasted elders then I wouldn’t have had such high hopes for that little fool to begin with. The bigger the expectation, the bigger the disappointment. How could a fool soar in their lifetime anyways?”

“No, you are wrong, maybe Dragony’s fate doesn’t lie in herself.” A light then flickers within the dragon man’s iris, “Maybe her fate lies with being by His Majesty’s side.”

The dragon woman was left utterly stunned by her husband’s word. Sneering after the initial stupor: “As if that could ever happen when Xiaoya is so outstanding. If my daughter could not enter His Majesty’s eye then there’s no way that little fool could do it. I don’t care, you go pick that girl up right now, I will not allow her to ruin Xiaoya’s future!”

Towards that little fool, her feelings have already changed from disappointment to disgust. In fact, if not for the girl being her own biological daughter, this Zhang Ruyi would’ve choked her to death already in order to protect the reputation for their clan.

“Enough!” Long Chang Tian snaps, slamming the table with his hand as she stood up: “Talk about being short-sighted! No matter it be Xiaoya or Dragony, both are our daughters. If either one of them can get into His Majesty’s eye then it will undoubtedly help our clan into becoming an existence second only to the royal family.”

The dragon woman didn’t refute her husband’s claim despite having different opinions.

“You should go prep yourself too, I will be entering the court soon to greet the king.” Long Chang Tian’s tone sounded annoyed now as he waved his wife away.

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As unwilling as she was over this treatment, Zhang Ruyi knew she couldn’t win this fight. Biting that lip, the dragon woman was just about to leave by opening the door when a pink figure plowed into her from the outside.

“Xiaoya, what happened? Did that little fool cause trouble again and made you take the blame?” The mother groans at that possibility.

“Mother!” Long Xiaoya cried in a miserable fashion, “The fool humiliated me in public. All I did was reprimand her a bit and she directly complained to the queen.”

“What! You met the queen, the QUEEN?” Zhang Ruiy exclaims, her eyes sparking with uncertainty.

When sending her daughter to the palace, she has already instructed the girl not to cross this supposed queen in any way because of Di Cang’s extreme fondness for Bai Yan. But who could’ve thought the meeting would happen so quickly and that it would turn out this way much in thanks due to that little fool!

“Mother, the queen… she seems to know about my reason for approaching her. I bet she is likely afraid of me snatching the King’s favor away, that’s why she threw me out of the palace and forbade me from entering.” All teary in her face, Long Xiaoya looked a little haggard after crying so much.


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