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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 588 “Special Existence 3 ”

Chapter 588 “Special Existence (3)”

Sounds of footsteps soon interrupted the silence here, “What are you doing here?”

Walking into the cave was a woman wearing an emerald green dress. Just that in comparison with Qing Luan who tried to kidnap Bai Xiachen and his friends back at the human world, this one carried more of a frosty air around the eyebrows.

“My family, the entire snake clan has been destroyed.” Qing Xue grew bitter and cold in that voice: “It was destroyed by the king.”

“I know,” the man wryly smiles, “considering His Majesty’s means, he will never let anyone from the snake clan escape. Aren’t you afraid of being discovered by coming to see me?”

“I want you to help me!” The snake woman’s eye grew sharp and seething, “In this world, only you can help me now!”

After saying this, the remaining survivor of the former snake clan toned down her voice and made it almost meltingly soft: “If you help me, then… I can promise you anything you wish in the future.”

The man’s body went stiff like a rock, his gaze staring intently at the woman trying to tempt his desire.

“Qing Xue, wouldn’t it be better if you let go of the past and start over?”


The snake demoness only sneered in return: “You don’t understand, you don’t understand love at all! A person like His Majesty is unforgettable once met!”

Not understand? How can I not understand?

The man’s fist tightly clenches into a ball.

If not for our bond, would I have helped you escape from death even if it meant going behind the king and everyone else?

“The king and queen are destined to be together, that’s something the State Teacher and elders agreed upon. What can you do in this case?” The man smiles helplessly, still trying to persuade the other side to abandon the obsession.

“What fated pair? The king is a fox, and she is just a low-standing human mortal. How can she be worthy of the king?” Qing Xue’s eyes were bloodshot red now, “I refuse to believe it, refuse to believe I would lose to someone like that! If you don’t help me today then I will die in front of you!”

In one draw of her sword, the snake woman holds herself hostage by pushing the blade next to her neck.

In this world, only he can… help me!

“Qing Xue!” The man was both anxious and angry, “Are you threatening me?”

“I’m out of options, you are the only existence of your kind in this world. I’m afraid aside from me and the State Teacher, there’s no other who would know about you.”

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The man’s body froze right then and there. Making a bittersweet smile after a good minute later: “True, the State Teacher created me all for the sake of taking the king’s place during a critical moment! And with the king’s arrogance, he would never allow someone like me to exist if he finds out. But don’t forget though, my job may be to die in the king’s stead, but that doesn’t mean I would turn my back on the Demon Realm.”

Years ago, meeting Qing Xue was nothing more than an accident. However, it was precisely this “accident” that’s managed to console the loneliness in his heart.

But to betray the Demon Realm? There’s no way he could do that….

“I just want to be this world’s queen, and I’m not asking you to betray the Demon Realm.” Despite Qing Xue’s tone softening up, the sword beside her neck remains firm nevertheless: “Can you help me? As long as I am the queen, I will definitely find a way to make it so you can appear before the public. I know His Majesty would do anything I say when he’s such an affectionate man. By then you won’t have to worry about your own existence being erased by him.”

For fear of the man rejecting, she continues to dangle her bait with no room for rebuttal.


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