Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 571 “Guest of the Demon Mountain 3 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 571 “Guest of the Demon Mountain 3 ”

Chapter 571 “Guest of the Demon Mountain (3)”

The boy’s words may appear nominally on Jun Ruqing’s side, but in fact it’s to tell the elders one thing: during this period the woman has been stalking the White Moon Palace acting as a cleaning lady. Therefore, the lie of not knowing who the queen was becomes false.

“You… you’re spouting lies!” The fox woman cries out in desperation, falling into panic as she does so: “I have never disguised myself as a palace maid, you are framing me.”

Instead of being angered at being called a little liar, Bai Xiachen only popped his mouth into a “O” shape like he’s surprised as well. “So its not Grandpa Elder who sent you to clean my home, it’s you doing it on your own? I’m sorry Grandpa Elder, it’s my fault for wronging you.” That said, the boy then sincerely bows his head like a good little kid: “I was too quick to judge earlier, my apologies for the mistake. Her outfit is simply too similar to the other palace maids, that’s why I thought she was a cleaning lady when she was sweeping the floor with the broom.”

The First Elder immediately got wet in the eyes, The Crown Prince is too sensible. Such a lovely child, who could dislike such a boy.

“Highness, you don’t need to be so polite with us, after all, you didn’t mean it.” The First Elder then shifted his attention back over to his goddaughter who clearly lost control of the situation: “Ruqing, explain yourself this instant.”

“EEEEHHH! She is Jun Ruqing?” Bai Xiachen abruptly exclaims, showing a look of horror for some reason.

Originally the fox woman was already trembling from her godfather’s interrogation, but the boy’s loud voice only made it worse. In that moment, she actually went numb and went to the knees.

“Highness, do you know this goddaughter of mine?” Shifting to the little prince, the First Elder asks.

Making a tied look for the longest time, Bai Xiachen eventually speaks: “A few days ago, Huang Xiao Ying came to find Mother in order to make trouble. Fortunately Auntie was there also and stopped it before it could happen. Then after a confession due to duress, Huang Xiao Ying came clean and revealed it was this woman who led her along, claiming Mother had multiple affairs with other men before coming…”

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For the sake of his own tiger friend, Bai Xiachen could only keep the fact that Huang Xiao Ying divulged everything for the sake of Little Rice. After all, it’s not good for one’s reputation to have a century old lioness going after a baby cub, thus the blame could only fall on Di Xiao Wan.

“Jun Ruqing!” The First Elder roars, “You got some nerve there, framing the Queen behind her back? Do you think Sire’s sight is blind or something? You think he wouldn’t know the Queen’s character well?”

Getting more and more flustered now: “Godfather, that Huang Xiao Ying is framing me, I have done no such thing.”

“Hoho, are you taking me for a fool or thinking I have a twisted mindset? A brainless girl like that Huang Xiao Ying could never hatch a plan of this scale or intricacy.” The First Elder has lost all the warmth from his voice, turning stern and serious like a figure of authority that he was.

Meanwhile in the background, Bai Xiachen only watched in silence while holding Bai Yan’s hand. Why do I keep getting the feeling that Huang Xiao Ying would be very sad if she learns of the elder’s opinion?

“Godfather, I am wrong, I know I am wrong, I beg you not to tell His Majesty about this.” In a desperate plea, Jun Ruqing pulls against her godfather’s sleeve, tears falling like a waterfall.

If was in the past, the other elders present would’ve already stepped in to help out. However, the matter involves the royal family and the fault definitely lies with her.

How could a girl who was so clever in the past become so vicious?

“Second Elder, Third Elder,” finding no hope from this angle, Jun Ruqing hurries to look elsewhere. “You two must help. If things reach the King’s ear, it will be the end of me.”


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