Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 551 “Return to the Demon Realm 6 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 551 “Return to the Demon Realm 6 ”

Chapter 551 “Return to the Demon Realm (6)”

A look of surprise glee takes over the State Teacher’s face: “Sire, you mean it? You mean what you say there?”

“Mhmm,” Di Cang slowly nods. “After I announce your engagement, the Queen wishes to ask you some question as well.”

The State Teacher was startled over that request, but that didn’t last long before he returns to his old elegant self. “I know what the Queen wants to ask me. Sire, you can help me pass on a message to the Queen and that should be enough…. Some things are fated to be so I cannot say anything for now. Otherwise, it will directly effect her mood.”

Di Cang may be somewhat perplexed by this answer, but if the other side won’t speak then he’s not going to press for it at this point, especially when its going to effect his upcoming wedding.

“Fine, I will pass on this message to Yan’er. Also, my wish is to not delay the attack on the Celestial Realm. I want to use it as her bridal gift during the wedding.”

That only earned the overbearing man a helpless smile from the State Teacher, Just attacking the Celestial Realm is hard enough…. Now he wants to take it and use it as the wedding gift? Oh~ things never change….


White Moon Palace, a place where none has ever lived since the inception of the so-called Demon Realm.

According to rumors, this location should be the best in all of this world, just that aside from the king himself and some maids in charge of the daily cleaning, none are permitted to trespass. But now, a new mistress has dawned on this tranquil structure.

“Sister-in-law, your palace here is so much better than my own.” Slouching there on the comfy bed, Di Xiao Wan reveals a bright smile suitable for her own age, “Can I stay here and not go back?”

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Casting a look of confusion, the one to respond was none other than the little baby: “Auntie, aren’t you afraid of Baddie Father coming to toss you out? I know he will if you try to stay.”

Twitching in the mouth, the demon princess immediately showed a grieving look: “Sister-in-law, you would protect me, wouldn’t you?”

Caressing her own chin over that plea, Bai Yan’s iris was brewing with laughter: “You can stay if you want, however….”

But before her agreement could be finished, the door to the room was suddenly barged open by a unknown hand. That naturally annoyed Di Xiao Wan who had her conversation cut off, thus causing the girl to have that face sink a cold one: “Xiao Ying, how did you get in here? What were the guards doing in allowing you into the palace?”

“I said that I came to find you so they just let me in,” Huang Xiao Ying then cocks her chin before turning to Bai Yan with puzzlement. “So you are the woman His Majesty brought back from the human world?”

Aware now that the opposition came with ill intent, Bai Yan ignores the question at first to pour herself some tea: “And what of it?”

Seeing that calm reaction, Huang Xiao Ying initially wanted to show some attitude. Well, that was until she noticed the little white tiger in Bai Xiachen’s arm.

Oh… what a cute male tiger! In that split second her gaze changed.

“Huang Xiao Ying, what are you doing here?”

Noticing the strange look from her friend by now, Di Xiao Wan hurries to block off her nephew from the intruder’s view: “I’m telling you now. Don’t think for a second that just because you are my friend that I will allow you to bully my sister-in-law and nephew. If you try then I will beat you to death!” The demon princess then pumps a fist up to show off her menacing and dangerous side.


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