Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 521 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping 20 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 521 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping 20 ”

Chapter 521 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping (20)”

“You brat!”

As a result of Bai Chang Feng’s outrage, the elders as well as his son were all shuddering for a brief second.

What happened? Why is the Lord so angry?

Shouldn’t he be finding the Young Miss’s daughter a good and happy occasion?

It was then some of the other elders have also arrived. They’ve been busy with Bai Zhanpeng confirming Bai Yan’s identity, thus they’re still oblivious to the reasoning for Lu Zhong (red robe) and the rest’s ugly and uncomfortable face.

“Father, just scold me afterwards. I have some wonderful news to tell you.” From the man’s handsome face, Bai Zhanpeng soon found the reddish figure of his liking within the crowd.

“You mean to say…” The old grandpa’s body goes stiff like a block of wood.

“That’s right, it’s exactly what you think Father.”


Exploding inside his head, Bai Chang Feng’s joy could not be contained. In mere seconds, that angry face has transformed into a stupid grin like only made him seem more idiotic than scary.

Although he’s long taken Bai Yan as his granddaughter regardless of the fact, but having confirmation still brings excitement to his old heart.

My Medicine Sect finally has an heir!

“HaHaHa!” A long laugh rocks the world.

Anyone could see the excellent mood of this old grandpa. In fact, ever since his daughter Bai Ning disappeared from the public’s eye years ago, Bai Chang Feng has never laughed so loudly and happily again.

“Great, this is too great!” Grinning right up to his eyes, “Son, go stand on one side first, I will announce the great news to everyone here today.”

“Yes, Father.”

Walking to one side like asked, Bai Zhanpeng didn’t forget to cast a warm and tender smile at his niece that’s also nearby. As a result, this look of kindred love has left Bai Yan rather uncomfortable and twitchy.

“Son, did your Grandpa Zhanpeng go stupid?” After some thinking, that’s the only conclusion the woman could come up with.

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Nodding in return, Bai Xiachen attempts to hide his own guilt: “Probably.”

Should I tell Mother I stole a strand of her hair and gave it to Grandpa Zhanpeng? If Mother finds out, will she be angry with me? But Grandpa Zhanpeng isn’t a bad person, oh what to do…..


“Ladies and gentlemen,” still smiling with a stupid grin on his face, “there’s something important I like to announce today. It’s regarding a descendant of my home, that’s why I want to take advantage of everyone’s attendance to verify her identity to you all.”

It’s really here……

All eyes are now on Ye Ying. Envy, jealousy and annoyance were only a sample of the emotions running through the crowd’s heart.

Really, what sort of luck is running through this Ye Ying. To think some nobody like that could become Bai Chang Feng’s granddaughter and be recognized in open public.

Of course, Bai Chang Feng wasn’t a blind old fool. Naturally he would see the strange looks shooting over to the bruised up and bloated girl on one side.

I’m announcing my granddaughter’s identity, why are they looking over to Ye Ying? A frown takes over that smile.

Since the old grandpa couldn’t figure out the reasoning for the strange behavior, he decides to just leave it and continued on with his speech. “I think everyone can still remember my missing daughter Bai Ning. She disappeared many years ago.”

Bai Ning?

Startled at the name, everyone’s gaze immediately turns away from their initial target of envy.

He’s not going to announce Ye Ying’s status? But then what does this all have to do with Bai Ning?

“Milord, you mean the Young Miss, she…” Still unclear over the sudden turn in event, Lu Zhong (red robe) hurries to ask.

“I bet none of you could’ve guessed. While my daughter was away due to some unforeseen accident, she not only got married, she also gave birth to a daughter.”

Compared with Ye Ying’s lie, the news from the old grandpa was even more shocking.

The amazing girl from back then is already married and with children?

Even though there are not many who’s had the privilege of meeting Bai Ning in person, it doesn’t mean they’ve never heard of the girl’s outstanding talent and fame. Therefore, it was quite the regretful incident when it became known that she had gone missing twenty years ago. This was especially true for the younger male population who had some background.


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