Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 520 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping 19 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 520 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping 19 ”

Chapter 520 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping (19)”

“HaHa!” Ceo Wang instantly swept away his depressed state and laughed twice, “This proves that our Lord has good eyesight. Miss Ye Ying is unlike her brother Ye Ming who only knows how to indulge himself in pleasure and lust. She’s gifted, gentle and kind. The fact that the Lord wishes to turn her into a lady of our sect is excusable. After all, now others couldn’t bully the lady anymore.”

When he said this, the old senior’s eyes didn’t forget to sweep over to Bai Yan and Chu Yi Yi’s location, thus indirectly indicating the two women as the instigator.

I really don’t know what Lu Zhong and the rest is thinking in indulging the Holy Land’s princess. Can’t they differentiate who is an outsider and an insider?

“This matter, the Young Master will not agree with it.” The yellow robed elder says this with his teeth grinding.

“It doesn’t matter if the Young Master is willing to agree, what matters is the Lord’s will. Who knows, perhaps the fact that the Lord is missing right now is due to his preparations for installing Miss Ye Ying as the future lady of our sect.” At this point Ceo Wang felt refreshed over his own self conceited justification.

Once Ye Ying becomes the lady here, my future will surely become smooth and bright considering my flattery for today. As for these people, they can only be envious of me by then!

“You…” The yellow-robed elder exploded, his face livid with anger.

But just as the elder wanted to move forward to smash up that conceited face of Ceo Wang’s, Lu Zhong (red robe) had stopped him with a hand.

“Forget it, let’s wait for this matter to be handled by the Lord when he comes around. There’s no way such a big decision would come to past without consulting the rest of us. If at the time he’s still with the idea, we only need to oppose the idea.”

Sure enough, the sentence quickly calmed the heated yellow-robed elder down.

It’s not that the elder council of the Medicine Sect hated Ye Ying or such, rather they are well aware of the girl’s sensible difference from her brother’s useless nature. However….

It doesn’t change the fact that the Medicine Sect mustn’t fall into the hands of an outsider with a different surname!

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Just as the elders were indignant and fuming, an old voice suddenly reached over from afar: “Who can tell me what happened here?”

Cold in his face, Bai Chang Feng slowly strolled over with an obvious look of impatience.

Due to his lack of tongue power when arguing with the two old farts from the Holy Land, the old grandpa actually flew into a rage and got physical while up in the VIP area. But then that’s when he overheard the commotion from this end of the venue.

As the sect leader, he’s naturally obligated to interfere in such cases, but more importantly, he’s not going to let his granddaughter be bullied.

“Brother-in-law!” Crying out at Bai Chang Feng’s appearance, Old Madam Ye puts on the most fake act of indignation ever. “You must get justice for me! This wild girl from the Holy Land is bullying my Ying’er despite me telling them her identity.”

Wrinkling his old brow, the grandpa indifferently casts his sight on the old shrew that instantly silenced her.

“It seems the alchemy convention is over. As for what happened just now, you lot can explain it to me afterwards. Right now, I have something important to announce.”

Now that’s just the wrong timing. Going from timid to a cheeky high stance, the fat old shrew was once again at it upon hearing this statement.

Humph, I’ve said it already. Brother in-law would only announce something so big in front of everyone. Now I like to see anyone else looking down at my granddaughter.

Compared with the excitement of Old Madam Ye, Elder Lu Zhong and his faction that’s against the idea were all showing a gloomy face.

Sect Leader wouldn’t really disregard their feelings and dilute the Medicine Sect’s bloodline, would he?

“Father!” Suddenly, a voice came from outside the venue.

Bai Chang Feng’s mood wasn’t all that great to begin with after his argument, now to be interrupted so suddenly, his face also sank and turned to the source where Bai Zhanpeng was quickly walking out from the crowd.


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