Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 519 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping 18 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 519 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping 18 ”

Chapter 519 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping (18)”


Unable to control her temper, Chu Yi Yi didn’t give a rats ass about the public’s opinion and directly ran up to slap the shameless bitch’s face. “You shut up! If I hear another rotten word from that mouth of yours then I will tear it off!”

“How can simply tearing it off be enough? I say we should throw her into the Abyss to feed the demon beasts instead.”

Due to Di Xiao Wan’s own lineage, its not abnormal for the demon princess to want to help her kind get some extra meat. Though those creatures are of inferior status in every manner to her existence, nevertheless, she still has some duty to those poor things that’s currently starving in the wild!

“Xiao Wan, can I follow you to the demon forest?” Shimmering with excitement in her eyes, Lan Xiaoyun jumps in to ask: “I’ve never seen a wild demon beast eat a person before, can I?”

Nodding easily: “Of course, all the demon beasts out there belong to my family so they won’t hurt you by mistake. Don’t you worry a bit and come watch!”

In front of that arrogance, no man or woman could possibly turn a blind eye to it. As a result, the attention has shifted from Bai Yan to this unknown girl who dares to make such a bold claim.

This girl is too arrogant.

Even the three main powers in this world would not dare to stake a claim at the demon forest. Now she actually has the nerve to spout such a story? Isn’t she afraid of biting her own tongue at the lies?

“Outrageous, you people are too outrageous!”

Old Madam Ye’s face had turned livid by now. First she had to watch her own granddaughter be slapped in open public, then be insulted by three ignorant brats. No grandmother would stand idly by regardless of their terrible nature.

“Do you think you can have everything your way just because you are the daughter of the Lord of the Holy Land? I’m telling you, my granddaughter is going to be lady of the Medicine Sect! My brother-in-law, the sect leader, have already promised to have Zhanpeng accept her as his goddaughter!”


Due to how heavy that statement was, it had somehow managed to overshadow the noise in this crowded venue.

The sect leader promised to let the young master accept her as a goddaughter? And… why now of all times?

Very irritated in her face now, Chu Yi Yi didn’t like it one bit. “What does the Medicine Sect mean by this? You people know I hate this woman yet she’s still being taken as the young lord’s goddaughter? Is this a declaration of war with us from the Holy Land?”

“Chu Yi Yi,” Ye Ying clenches her fists while making a cold hard frown. “I endured your crimes because of my kindness, but you should know my status is now on equal grounds as you. What qualifications do you have to hit me?”


Not going to listen to another word of that nonsense, Chu Yi Yi liberally sent another kick at the wheelchair to knock the occupant over. “You are nothing but an imposter, don’t even try to have the delusion of being on my level. I am a genuine princess of the Holy Land, and what are you? Nothing but a fake trying to act like a real one!”

“Ying’er!” Old Madam Ye exclaims, hurrying to upright her precious granddaughter from the ground.

“Ye Ying, is what your grandmother saying true?” Lu Zhong and the rest were also showing an ugly expression as well, but its not over the fact that the girl got hit though.

“Of course it is true!” The old granny gnashes her teeth and snapped back: “Just wait until my brother-in-law comes over to announce the news. Once he learns of what you people did to bully my precious Ying’er, none of you will get away!”

This time the elders didn’t say a word, their eyes locked entirely onto Ye Ying instead.

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Giving a nervous nod in return: “Yes, Bai Zhanpeng is going to be my godfather and my granduncle will be personally coming to announce this news.”


Everyone gasped hard at the notion.

Ye Ying really got accepted as Bai Zhanpeng’s goddaughter? Oh heavens, that would put her in the same league as the Princess of the Holy Land….

“What exactly is the Lord thinking?” The yellow-robed elder angrily speaks out: “How could he allow an outsider become a direct member of our Medicine Sect? Isn’t this the same as diluting our blood? Even if it’s a goddaughter, it still isn’t right!


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