Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 513 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping 12 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 513 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping 12 ”

Chapter 513 “Indulgence with the Face Slapping (12)”

“Ahumph.” Elder Ceo Wang makes a cough to clear his throat, allowing his eyes ample time to land on that reddish figure among the crowd.

To think the incident from yesterday with this blasted woman would attract the Princess of the Holy Land over…

The old fella furrows his brow, troubled by the obstacle now lays before him in dealing with the troublesome disciple of that power.

“Everyone, the three-day deadline is now upon us. Please bring forth your creations for judging.”


At the same time over at the observation deck not far away from the venue, several old farts were currently eyeing the scene with happy smiles from their seats.

“Do you see now, that’s my precious disciple!” Ren Yi proudly cocked his head high, “My disciple will definitely be the winner of this convention considering how amazing she is.”

“How am I supposed to know which is your disciple when you don’t point it out to me?” Shooting a raised eyebrow at the silly fella, Bai Chang Feng points out the biggest flaw here.

“Of course it is the best on there.” Proud in his face, Ren Yi was smiling right up to hi eyes then.

At this point Bai Chang Feng didn’t even want to deal with this old fart anymore. It didn’t matter anyways. After the convention comes to an end, all he has to do was to ask a subordinate on who was the disciple from the Holy Land.

Want to keep a secret from me? As if they can do that while on my home turf! Seriously, how can these two old timers be so smart in the past but be so befuddled whenever it comes to their disciple?


Just as Bai Chang Feng was scanning the venue like he usually does every year, his eyes suddenly fell upon a certain familiar figure. Jerking up from his seat, anger and shock instantly overtakes his old face.

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“Where is Elder Gu? Get him out here to me this instant!”

“Milord, Elder Gu… he’s currently in closed-door training right now with your son.” The guard nervously answers, shuddering over the oppressive chill creeping down his spine as a result of the deathly aura exuding out of his lord.

“Closed door training?” Bai Chang Feng huffs a grunt, his teeth grinding from rage: “No wonder that brat is missing all this time. My granddaughter is already here and he has the nerve to hide it from me? Go find my son this instant. When you do, I want him in front of my face immediately!”

At this very moment, the old grandpa’s control was at its limit.

Similar, she’s too similar….

That girl, she’s almost identical to Ning’er (daughter) when she was young!

Who would dare say she’s not my granddaughter? Both the face and air, they are exactly the same.

“Your granddaughter is here?” Ren Yi turns around to show an amazed face: “How can it be that you don’t even know your own granddaughter is here?”

Talk about stabbing someone’s heart while they’re down. Though not intentional or with ill intent, Ren Yi’s remark literally left the old grandpa bleeding like he’s been pierced with a thousand knives. In fact, Bai Chang Feng would love to kill the blasted old fart for his careless comment, that’s how much of a sore spot the subject was.

Yan’er is here, how dare that brat hide it from me!


“I… so what if I didn’t know?” Stalking his neck in embarrassment, “”My daughter’s been gone for so long, what’s the problem with my granddaughter not knowing about my existence. It’s normal that she would not tell me when she came.”

Snorting at that laughable defense, Ren Yi didn’t want to argue over the strange topic and ignored it. Instead, his attention was more inclined towards who the girl was: “Which one is it then, your granddaughter?”

“The one that looks the most like my daughter.”

“Humph, when I saw your daughter, she was only a few years old. How do you expect me to recognize the girl with only that sort of detail to go upon?”


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