Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 485 “Bullying Someone? Who Doesn’t Know How? 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 485 “Bullying Someone? Who Doesn’t Know How? 4 ”

Chapter 485 “Bullying Someone? Who Doesn’t Know How? (4)”

“Oh thank goodness, that nightmare is finally gone.” One of the members of the Medicine Sect heaves a breather, relieved that Bai Yan’s out of sight.

“Which part of her is gone you idiot.” Ceo Wang reprimands the disciple with a grunt, “That woman is still staying here for another three days!”

Who knows what could happen in this timeframe…

That instantly causes the individual to go ghastly white. His expression right now was no different from someone confronted with the end of the world.

The same was true of the others as well. When known the target of their nightmare still has to stay for another three days, they would immediately show the look of someone getting a painful headache.


At this moment within the exquisite room, a young maiden in a succulent dress was currently sitting on a table and sipping tea. “How come Ye Ling isn’t back yet?”

But just as the maid servant was about to answer that question, the door to her room was suddenly smashed open and in came the stunning figure.

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“Who allowed you to come here?!” Slamming the table, she immediately jerks up from her seat and roars out.

In return, Bai Yan only sneered: “Throw her things out, and change the quilt sheets for me!”

“You dare!”

This bitch wants to steal my room? Who does she think she is?

Ye Ying’s face was livid as she eyed Bai Yan and the disciple leading the way: “Who allowed you to bring her?”

The disciple faltered at the interrogation, murmuring and too afraid to meet the woman’s eye. Thankfully Bai Yan didn’t intend to leave the matter alone and stepped in instead.

“Ceo Wang has already given me your room. Now, pack up your things and get out.”

“You…” Sucking in a deep breath, Ye Ying presses down her anger and eyed the disciple some more: “Is what she saying true?”

The response was a nervous nod, which the person quickly explained about everything that’s occurred thus far.

As a result of this, Ye Ying’s expression only grew increasingly ugly as she gripped her fingers into a tight nit ball. Damn that Ye Ling, this useless garbage! Not only did he screw up the simple task, he also enraged Elder Ceo Wang! Who doesn’t know that Ceo Wang’s most passionate about the Medicine Sect? If they really made this woman leave then it’s the same as insulting the Holy Land! And if that happens, would the Holy Land let the matter rest? Obviously not! That means the one to suffer has to be me!

Thinking of this, Ye Ying’s chest started to heave up and down, indicating how much of a grievance this turn of event was for her.

“A fate is one’s own doing and the world will know of this. What you did to me today, I will return it all one day. Don’t even think about begging me when that moment comes!”

I am Bai Zhanpeng’s distant niece, and she? If not for the alchemy convention, this blasted woman would’ve died a thousand times over!

“I am returning the sentence right back at you.” Cold in her smile, Bai Yan eyes the girl like she’s seeing a fool: “However, even if you begged me on the floor by then, I still won’t let you go.”

If you dare to scheme against me then you better be ready to pay the price!

“Humph!” Huffing a snort, Ye Ying immediately waltz out of the room like a high-standing peacock. However, her pride only lasted right up to the doorway and out of sight where nothing but grievance remains on that face.

“Miss, what should we do now?” asked the maid that’s with the girl.

Cold in her eyes: “We’re leaving, I refuse to believe my grand-uncle would turn a blind eye to this after I’m insulted to such a degree.”

She originally wanted to go call on her grandmother to help, but that idea quickly got squashed after recalling how useless Old Madam Ye was at her core.


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