Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 484 “Bullying Someone? Who Doesn’t Know How? 3 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 484 “Bullying Someone? Who Doesn’t Know How? 3 ”

Chapter 484 “Bullying Someone? Who Doesn’t Know How? (3)”

At first his thoughts did coincide with Ye Ying’s and intended to leave the worst room they had for Bai Yan and her companions. However, worst was worst, that’s nowhere close to being a shack for the firewood! Wouldn’t that be the same as embarrassing the Medicine Sect if words got out?

What’s more, Ceo Wang’s frustration had long been brewing within his stomach due to Bai Yan’s repeated vexing. Now that Ye Ling was dumb enough to tap into that rage, it’s obvious the consequences would be dire, evident by how ruthless and hard he was whipping that stick at the one responsible for this mess.

Seeing how it’s about time to intervene less someone actually dies, Bai Yan finally steps in. However, her sneer remains the same despite her soft-heartedness: “Want me to stay? That’s possible. I believe Ye Ying’s room is not bad. If she is willing to move out and let me take it then I will agree to stay. Oh yes, by the way, the ingredients that I’m going to be using is not bad. I want a hundred portions of every kind sent to my room.”

Towards that demand, Ceo Wang nearly puked blood at that instant, his face flushing so hard that it’s nearly twisted. A hundred portion for each ingredient? Why don’t you go rob someone instead?

“Miss Bai, you are asking for too much!”

“You don’t agree? Then that’s fine as well.” Shrugging her shoulder like she didn’t care, “Son, let’s go back to the Holy Land. When your grandshifus ask about this then we can tell them we were driven out of the Medicine Sect by Ye Ying, the young lady of the Medicine Sect.”

That immediately caused a twitch in Ceo Wang’s face, Damn this woman, using the Holy Land to threaten me again!

As resentful as he was, the elder really couldn’t afford to let her return like this. “Fine, I accept your demand!”

By this point his eyes were burning with fire as if he wants to tear Ye Ling apart, If not for this idiot then this woman wouldn’t have had the chance to speak!

Bai Yan didn’t mind the glares shooting her way, rather she’s quite relishing in the attention. And as if her demands weren’t enough, that sly smile of hers only emphasized the villainous nature that’s in her bones.

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“And don’t forget to arrange Ye Ying’s room for me. Oh forget it, I will go myself and do it instead. Just tell me the way. Also, I don’t like sharing my place of rest with strangers. Aside from my people, I will not allow anyone else to trespass!”

This nearly made the elder explode. If not for Ceo Wang’s people rushing over to hold him back then who knows what sort of act the old fella would’ve done.

Is this still a guest coming to attend the alchemy convention? My god, she’s acting more like the young lady around here instead of Ye Ying!

It’s not that Elder Ceo Wang was afraid of Bai Yan as a person, rather it’s her background that’s keeping him from acting. No matter how small of a disciple she was, the woman still represented the Holy Land here today.

“FINE!” Gritting his teeth, the senior submits despite his unwellness, “I will have someone lead you over there!”

“Son, although her room is not very good compared to our home in the Holy Land, but it’s only for three days. Once its over then we can go home so bear with it for now.” Transforming from her cold indifference, Bai Yan’s attitude could only be called brilliant and warm once speaking to her boy.

Nodding like a sensible child, Bai Xiachen readily agrees: “I don’t mind Mother. As long as I’m living with you then any room will do.”

Talk about being candid. Because of the pair’s downgrading words, Ceo Wang’s face first shifted from green, then blue, then finally into a purple shade at the insult.

She really dared to say that!

How can Ye Ying’s room be worse than the residence of a mere disciple from the Holy Land?! If you’re going to brag then at least listen to yourself first! Thank goodness such people aren’t part of the Medicine Sect, otherwise, who knows how much misfortune would befall everyone here!


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