Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 482 “Bullying Someone? Who Doesn’t Know How? 1 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 482 “Bullying Someone? Who Doesn’t Know How? 1 ”

Chapter 482 “Bullying Someone? Who Doesn’t Know How? (1)”

“Hmm,” responding with a faint turn of her head, “what a shame, I still want to leave.”

Bai Yan never had any interest in this alchemy convention to begin with. If not for her three shifus sake and demanding attitude to attend, the woman here would’ve just ignored it completely….

But not everyone’s going to take this toying lightly. Showing a grim face, the elder in charge immediately lashed out: “YOU!! Miss Ye Ying have already lowered herself into apologizing. Is this how the disciples of the Holy Land do things?”

When it reached the last part of that sentence, Ceo Wang obviously said it with intense force, losing all forms of his majestic temperament for being an elder.

Smirking in return, Bai Yan points out a major flaw in that logic: “I only said she must beg me, I never said I will promise anything.”


Ceo Wang’s expression shifted from red to green at the play of words. Indeed, she only said to beg and nothing about promising to stay.

“Mother.” Just as Bai Yan’s about to leave for real, Bai Xiachen suddenly tugged at her sleeve, his eyes flickering with light: “I want you to see you win the championship for this convention though.”

It wasn’t easy for him to plan out the good show, to leave like this without doing anything would of course cause some reluctance within the baby boy. At the very least, not until they destroy Ye Ying’s reputation first….

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“Son, you want the crown for this contest?” Surprised by the demand, she looks down to be confronted by a pair of foxy eyes. “Alright, Mother will take it for you.”

As long as its my son who wants it then I will bring it to him.

Wen Ru who was still by their side had become speechless over this full turnaround.

Yan Yan, is it good to be so doting of Xiachen like this?

What happened to leaving?

But then again….

I really want to be Yan Yan’s child as well now. Oh what do I do?

“Thank you Mother.” Blooming a brilliant smile, Bai Xiachen’s dazzling glow could overshadow even the darkest night in the woman’s eye right now.

But cuteness aside, Elder Ceo Wang was more concerned with the fact that the pair would stay. Relaxing his facial muscles, he sneers in contempt: “Miss Bai, I suggest you think more clearly. The crown for this competition isn’t something you can get just by saying so.”

Smirking at that advice, Bai Yan first confronts the senior’s eye, then finally felled upon Ye Ying’s body. “Whether or not Bai Zhanpeng is willing to accept you as his goddaughter is still undecided. Aren’t you afraid he would hear of you spreading rumors around without his permission?”

Going stiff in her posture, Ye Ying could barely force out a smile: “I never said anything certain about it, I only mentioned my grandmother has the idea in mind. And, Uncle Zhanpeng respects my grandmother a lot…”

The implication of that was she didn’t want to be the lady of the Medicine Sect, rather it’s due to her uncle’s respect for her grandmother that brought on this outcome. In that case, who else could question her position?

“Miss Ye Ying, hold your words with her less she…”

She defiles your prestigious status.

It’s just that Ceo Wang’s didn’t have the nerve to say the last bit upon making contact with the woman’s gaze.

Her temper is so big, she might just turn around and leave if I annoy her….

But even if he didn’t say it, there’s no need. Everyone present could easily understand his meaning.


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