Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 481 “She is the Disciple of the Holy Land 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 481 “She is the Disciple of the Holy Land 4 ”

Chapter 481 “She is the Disciple of the Holy Land (4)”

“Miss, you going back like this wouldn’t be very good. Aren’t you afraid of being blamed by your elders?”

“Oh,” Bai Yan replies in a mild tone, “but I’m still not interested in this convention.”

“Then what would it take to make you stay!” Ceo Wang choked, still, he said what must be said.

It was hard one the senior no doubt, but his words were like a bomb, raising waves among the crowds who were stunned by the meaning.

Just now, didn’t he want to expel the woman out? What’s going on, why ask her to stay all of a sudden?

“Elder Ceo Wang.” Showing a dissatisfied frown, Ye Ying doesn’t seem to understand why the old man was acting so crazy for.

Of course, Bai Yan would notice the foe’s expression. Making a smirky grin: “Have her beg me.”

“Miss Bai, you are too much!” Turning green at the demand, Ye Ying hurries to seek help: “Elder Ceo, you wouldn’t….”

Be a dotard, right?

“You are sure of this?” Squeezing his hand into a fist, Ceo Wang’s gaze flickered with a flash of coldness.

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“If the Medicine Sect holds no sincerity then that’s fine, I can just take my leave.” Leaving nothing but a fleeting smile, Bai Yan once again turns away.

“FINE!!” Drawing in a deep heavy breath, the elder shifts his sight onto the source of all this mess: “Miss Ye Ying, ask her to stay.”


Widening her eyes in dismay, Ye Ying couldn’t believe what she’s hearing.

“She is a disciple of the Holy Land. If we were to drive her away then it’s the same as face-slapping the other side. Once the matter returns to their side, it would inevitably cause discord among both sides!”


In an explosive shudder, the wretched girl’s complexion looked like its been smashed to oblivion, her mind blank and confused.

Like the foolish girl, the entire venue had also fallen into an eerie silence over the news….

“Elder Ceo Wang, she is really a disciple of the Holy Land?” Ye Ying faintly asks, her skin pale and lifeless.

Heaving a long breath at the question: “The invitation is indeed the one we sent to the Holy Land. The fact that she’s carrying it is proof, there’s no mistake!”

The tides have changed once again, shifting over to the losing side following words of this prestigious elder. Originally a lot of the attendees were feeling sorry for Bai Yan and her son, but now, it’s simply shocks at the incredible news.

“Miss Ye Ying, the woman came on behalf of the Holy Land.” Understanding the unwillingness in Ye Ying’s eye, the senior hurried to persuade the girl by lowering his voice: “If it becomes known that we expelled someone like that and the Lord learns of this, your grand-uncle would surely be outraged.”

Biting that lip, the shuddering girl didn’t answer and continued to hold her ground.

“But, the fact that the Holy Land would send her alone and without any masters to escort is proof that she’s merely a person of no importance. Perhaps this is the Holy Land’s way of showing respect to us since they’ve repeatedly rejected the invite before.”

“So, her background and identity couldn’t possibly be more noble than yours.”

The last sentence there was what Ye Ying wanted to hear the most.

One was the most insignificant of existent while the other was the distant relative of the Medicine Sect. It’s obvious which one would be more noble in terms of status quo at the end of the day.

Humph, just you wait, I will return this favor one day! The wretched girl vows inwardly, swearing she would get revenge.

“Miss Bai!” Squeezing her feministic fingers into a crunching ball, Ye Ying forces a rigid smile as she made a deep bow: “It was my fault in being inconsiderate and not noticing your identity as the Holy Land’s disciple. With sincere hope, I implore you to stay following my apology.”


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