Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 477 “The Imminent Start of the Convention 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 477 “The Imminent Start of the Convention 4 ”

Chapter 477 “The Imminent Start of the Convention (4)”

Not long after the little stir, an elder soon took the stage after most of the attendees have arrived to participate.

“It is Elder Ceo Wang!”

“Elder Ceo Wang is one of the few seventh grade alchemist within the Medicine Sect. To think someone so prestigious would be in charge of overseeing the alchemy conference today.”


Though many were surprised by the new entry, but more than that, their eyes were filled with awe and worship instead.

That’s a seventh grade alchemist master. Most wouldn’t ever reach such a height in their entire lifetime!

“Elder Ceo Wang,” just as the prestigious elder got partway up the stage, Ye Ying’s shallow voice had come from behind. “I was just wondering, mind if I make a request from you? I know I am inexperienced, but may I know if I can be the host instead this time.”

Ceo Wang was startled at first, then his reaction shifted into a hearty laugh: “Miss Ye Ying, how can I refuse such a request? HAHA!”

Not only was this girl the Lord’s distant relative, he’s also heard of the rumor regarding the young lord Bai Zhanpeng taking the girl as his daughter. By then, perhaps the entire Medicine Sect would be inherited by the lass! Faced with such a prospect, how could he dare oppose such figure?

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“That’s wonderful!” Ye Ying raises a smirky grin, “This time our Medicine Sect invited only the capable, there are no idling individuals among its ranks I believe. Therefore, it’s safe to assume each sect and power came with a whole team as well as their chief alchemist…. In order to avoid wasting time, anyone without an invitation or team should be excluded from participating in the event.” The girl’s smile deepened further after giving away her intent.

She’s investigated already prior to today. Bai Yan only came with her family and no one else. If that’s the case, her new rules should automatically exclude the woman. That’s what you get for going against me time and time again. I like to see how you will return home and explain yourself to your sect!

“Miss Ye Ying, this…” Ceo Wang was a little dumbfounded. He didn’t expect the girl to drop this bombshell all of a sudden.

It must be said, any who could come participate are outstanding individuals with either a certain level of background or skill. To forcibly kick any of them out meant it’s a direct offense to both the individual and the Lord himself.

“Elder Ceo Wang,” returning to a harmless smile, “I am also doing this for the sake of the convention. After all, there’s only so many days for everyone to go over the Dan pill recipes we prepared. In order to avoid wasting energy on the useless, we should just remove this variable altogether. Besides, the whole point of the alchemy convention is to gather the power of the masses, is it not? What could a single individual possibly have to offer…?”

Though a tad reluctant to agree with this idea, Ceo Wang nevertheless nodded his head: “Miss Ye Ying is very reasonable. Very well, each participating faction can leave behind ten alchemists to attend, anymore or any less shall be omitted.”

He’s got the news already when the messenger came to him, that the Lord himself wouldn’t come attend the convention. Therefore, even if he does go along with Ye Ying’s request, none would ask about it afterwards. What’s more, he’s only doing this for the sake of the Medicine Sect, there should be no room to question his decision later.


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