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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 414 “Overprotective Son 4 ”

Chapter 414 “Overprotective Son (4)”

In light of that shrinking and shivering body, the baby tiger nevertheless manages to work up enough courage to confront his greatest fear. For what? All for the sake of these snacks!

“It’s very yummy, tastier than even Qing Luan’s soul as well.” Instead of getting angry at the denial, Di Cang seems amused even as he tossed out the second bait in his arsenal.

Now that’s a score which lit the tiger’s eye up instantly.

In reality, the main reason Little Rice didn’t like the idea of consuming souls as his main diet was due to his perception of it being gross and disgusting. However, that soon changed after trying it once and realizing the benefits it brought him….

First giving a pitiful glance down at the bottle in his possession, clearly he didn’t want to let go of it, but he ends up stuffing it over to the kid’s hand in the end.

Compared to these medicinal Dan pills, the souls are much more useful for him so of course the tiger knew which to choose.

“Protect your mother and wait for me to come home.” Retracting his gaze, Di Cang readily rubs his son’s head to say this like a proper father would.

“Don’t worry Baddie Father, I will protect mother and make sure she is safe.” Patting his chest like a big adult, the kid firmly cocks his head high like a reliable fella.

Towards his son’s attitude, Di Cang naturally found it funny. With a chuckle, this dangerous man was gone, disappearing from the grounds of the Lan estate for his predetermined destination.

“Boss,” it was only a second later but this loud exclaiming cry had caught the kid and his tiger friend by surprise.

The loud voice with volume in it belonged to none other than Wang Xiaopeng. Rushing over to their spot, this chubby wasted no time to give his friend a hearty hug that could crush any ordinary kid around his age.

“I thought you’ve gone back already, how come you are over again Xiaopeng?” Curiously giving his friend a look, Bai Xiachen didn’t understand the situation.

“I am here to say goodbye to you.”

“Goodbye? You also have to leave?”

“That’s right,” scratching the back of his chubby head awkwardly, “we’ve been summoned back home. It will be my grandfather’s birthday soon so me and my family are going back to celebrate it. I am here to say my farewells.”

“Then congratulations,” Bai Xiachen happily pats his friend’s shoulder to show his support.

It’s no secret Wang Xiaopeng was driven out of the Wang family due to his blunder at one time. For them to be summoned back for a celebration meant it’s the sign of them being re-admitted back into the clan.

“What’s there to congratulate?” Wang Xiaopeng puckers his lips in displeasure, “As if I would want to go back to face those meanies. Those people always frown upon me and my father. If not for Sister Bai Yan’s Dan pills this time then they wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at us, let alone call us back.”

For a while there, Bai Xiachen didn’t know how to comfort his friend and could only stay silent. Nevertheless, he eventually did: “Don’t worry Xiaopeng, I will be there if you ever need my help. I got your back.”

“No need,” closing his eyes, the chubby immediately shakes his head, “I know you can’t really help in these matters. Oh right, I still need to do something. My father told me to come say thanks to your mother. Where is Sister Bai Yan right now? I still need to see her.”

“My mother, she…” His words came to an instant halt when he noticed that beautiful figure drawing near, “Mother!”


Not far away, Bai Yan just in the middle of heading for the front yard when she was called over by a loud tender voice from the side, followed closely by a soft tiny body crashing into her arms. He was like a spoiled kitten, snuggling that head into her chest like a child that wants their mother’s milk again in light of his age.

“Mother, I missed you,” that voice was like the calming sea, erasing every spec of fluster from the woman’s heart.

Overwhelmed with warmth and happiness at her son’s word, Bai Yan caresses the kid’s head with care: “It was but a short period since I left you. Besides, didn’t I had Little Rice take you to rest, why are you out here again?”


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