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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 399 “Threat 4 ”

Chapter 399 “Threat (4)”

“Don’t forget, you’ve been poisoned by me. So long as I will it then you will die an unbelievable death! I won’t believe that a fledgling like you can withstand the pain!” Qing Luan’s expression became dreadfully stern: “In addition, you said that His Majesty is only accepting you for Bai Yan’s sake? How ridiculous! Who do you take His Majesty for? There’s no way he would lose his reasoning over a mere mortal woman.”

Not going to believe the cold hard truth, the snake demoness then snickers with contempt at the boy, her eyes oozing a gleam of frost.

“It’s you whose asking for it, don’t even think about asking for mercy in a bit. By the way, the poison I used on you is directly from me. Even if your mother is a skilled alchemist, she won’t be able to save you this time.” Seeing how indifferent and unmoved the lad was, the snake woman intends to let him have a little taste to showcase her might.

Let’s see how you will resist me then when you are wailing in pain on the ground. Turning sharp in her eyes, Qing Luan starts invoking the venom that’s currently circulating withint he boy’s body.




Time seems to have frozen over for a while there, this includes the smug smile on the dreadful woman’s face.

“This is impossible!” Her greenish eyes popping over at the unresponsiveness.

How can this be? The venom was created by the elders of the clan after many years of trial and error. It’s impossible for a simple kid to resist the effects!

Biting her lips, Qing Luan pushes her will to the limit with every intent to incite all of the venom within the boy’s vein to activate. But as time dragged even further along, the only change that occurred was her own palish face getting whiter.

Now things are not looking good for her at all. It was already terribly hard to resist the oppression from the blood lineage of the kid, now she’s even lost her hostage.


Finally blown away by a invisible force, Qing Luan only had a few steps behind herself before falling over the cliff. As for her complexion, its whiter than a ghost!

The venom… it really failed?

Not blind to the sudden change in event, Wang Xiaopeng only blinked at first in confusion before returning to his old haughty self: “Oh that scared me to death. If your poison is that crappy then don’t bring it out to use, do you know no shame!”

“Uofff!” Nearly choking at her own incessant coughing, Qing Luan almost wanted to scream, “It’s impossible, there’s no way the venom wouldn’t work on you!”

Bursting into a brilliant smile, Bai Xiachen’s glee cannot be hidden from those eyes: “I forgot to tell you, I’ve been eating the various medications from my mother since I was born. Even if your venom is toxic and deadly, it will have no effect on me.”

Due to the constitution of the Demon race being so much stronger than a mere human’s, it’s very much possible to improve one’s body through consuming various herbs and miraculous ingredients. But due to the fact that there are no alchemists in the Demon Realm, it’s only natural this snake wouldn’t be baptized to this knowledge.

“Miss Qing Luan, what are we going to do?” Turning to the demoness, Bai Ruo also grew anxious: “Without this kid’s help, I won’t be able to be the Demon Queen then.”

“You shut me up!” Flaring up at that last comment, Qing Luan clearly didn’t like how that was phrased: “Who do you think you are? If not for the circumstances at hand you think you are qualified to be the Demon Queen?!”


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